Budget Travel Tips for Spain

If you are longing for the perfect holiday in Spain, you need to know that you do not have to save up a large sum of money to make this your holiday destination. It is entirely possible to plan and book your holiday in Spain without spending a fortune. Here are our top tips for traveling tips for a budget holiday in Spain.

Book your flights are the right time

If you decided that your next holiday destination is Spain, then you will want to book your flights quite early. The cheapest flights, especially if you are making use of a budget airline, are booked months in advance.

Check out alternative accommodation

You do not have to spend your Spanish holiday living it up in the most expensive hotels’ money can buy. After all, you will be out sight-seeing for most of the day and you will only need a bed to sleep in. Have a look at hostels and also check out relevant Airbnb’s in the area. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that many of the backpacker hostels in Spain are equipped with free Wifi for guests.

Avoid using trains

Trains are the go-to mode of transport for many people choosing Spain as a holiday destination. The problem with this is that trains can become expensive. Have a look at the local buses and bus routes. Bus transportation is often much more affordable than trains.

Check out the underground

While the trains are expensive you might also find that several of the larger cities have affordable underground transportation services. In addition, the Spanish metro systems have a simple pricing system and easy-to-read maps.

When in Spain, Eat as the Spanish Do

You will quickly notice that in Spain the locals will have a small breakfast and a large lunch. You should try your best to keep up with this tradition and this is because lunch in Spain is far cheaper than dinner. If you have a large lunch you will be less hungry at dinner time.

Use discount cards

If you make use of discount cards you can get yourself free or relatively cheap entry into almost every museum in town. This will save you quite a bit of money if you are an avid tourist and like to see places. You will also find that you will be able to get quite a bit done in a day. You will need to save up for the card but it will be well worth the saving while you are on holiday.

Do your research on rail passes

Many tourists have found that buying a rail pass is just not the kind of value for money they were looking for. In fact, rail passes are best used if you are traveling to several countries such as France and Spain. If you decide to use the train it will be much cheaper to buy individual tickets for each trip.

Museums have free days

Another great way to save money while on holiday in Spain is to have a look when the museums around you offer their free days. There is a number across the country which offers several free days every week and you could save quite a bit by visiting these museums on those days.

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