Dr. Dean Toriumi And The Process Of Changing The Shape Of The Nose

In a common man’s language, rhinoplasty is nothing but changing the shape of the nose – making it bigger, smaller, pointed or non pointed depending on the individual preference of the patient in question. It is basically looking after any kinds of defects related to the nose and altering them with both surgical as well as non surgical procedures. During the surgical procedures, the surgeons like Dr. Dean Toriumi try and make incisions within the nose itself so that they are not visible at a later date. This is the sole and whole purpose behind the surgery and must not be deviated at any point of time.

Dr. Dean Toriumi and post operative measures and precautions

As per the observations by Dr. Dean Toriumi, patients going in for rhinoplasty are either given general or local anesthesia. Majorly it does not require stay in the hospital as it is carried out as an outpatient department surgical procedure. In case the stay is required due to any of the reasons, then it is never more than a day or so. Surgeons performing rhinoplasty are typically trained in the field and none of the novice can carry out the tasks as efficiently and effectively.

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The whole procedure takes a week to settle down with the bandage being removed. The surgery means little of pain and discomfort, not the usual self but certain precautions to be taken. The pain and discomfort should subsidize within 3 days after the surgery. If it still persists after the prescribed duration, then there is a need to consult the doctors concerned.

Bruising and swelling are common after the surgery. They tend to go bad after the second day and later improve towards a positive side. All this is quite normal. These bruises vary from person to person and hence need a different course of treatment accordingly. Generally, it is the eyes, which swell and face will become puffy for a few days after the surgery. Pain associated with the same must be countered and reduced to the maximum possible extent. 10-14 days is the time period by which this bruising and swelling generally improves.

Head should be kept elevated and without much of the movements. This is the basic precaution which must be taken after the surgery. Exhausting and backbreaking exercises must be avoided during this period. More rest means faster recovery and no more chances of visiting the surgeon again and again. Proper rest can do wonders.

Now the big question that comes to the mind after all this surgical procedure is why it is carried out? It is basically carried out to change the shape, size as well as angle of the nose of the patient concerned and make it proportionate to the whole face.

As suggested by Dr. Dean Toriumi, it is the need of the hour to go ahead with the procedure. And get the desired results depending on the kind of correction needed. Both the patient and the surgeon should speak on the common lines and work it out accordingly.

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