Five types of health and safety signs that is essential for every office

Health and Safety of employees is a huge concern for any office environment. These safety signs help identify areas that are potentially dangerous. This allows the employees to practice caution in such areas thus preventing hazardous situations. Here are 5 must-have safety signs for your office.

Offices often contain equipment that poses a danger to everyone if not handled or operated properly. Similarly, many office environments have labs that experiment with hazardous substances which can pose a danger to the employees of the firm. To prevent mishaps and to create awareness, many companies often rely on safety signs. These signs help identify areas that are potentially dangerous and warn your employees against such dangers. Here are five health and safety signs that are essential for every office environment.

  1. Fire Safety Signs

Fire outbreaks in commercial spaces cost numerous lives each year. Many countries have made it mandatory for commercial spaces to put up fire safety signs to prevent loss of lives during a fire outbreak. Fire safety signs include signs like guidelines, instructions, preventive care and identification. Guidelines include signs that help provide first aid and proper information during a fire outbreak. Preventive care signs assist in determining potentially dangerous areas that pose a risk of fire. Other signs can help you identify things like fire hose, water supply, sand and other fire control measures in case of a fire.

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  1. Prohibition Signs

These signs prohibit the use of certain elements and machinery in the office environment or entry to a certain area. These signs are usually put up in high-risk areas where a fire could break out if proper care and prohibition are not observed. These signs also help identify high-risk equipment that requires special gear to operate them. Examples include restricted entry signs, mobile phone prohibited sign, Avoid eye or skin contact signs and much more. Signs that prohibit cigarette smoking also come under this category.

  1. Mandatory Signs

These signs help create awareness about safety equipment and safety procedures in high-risk areas. They can also include guidelines, instructions and orders that are to be followed to prevent any hazardous situation in these environments. Signs include instructions like please stand on the left, safety boots mandatory, keep feet inside the escalator, ear protection necessary and much more. Such health and safety signs are a must in any office environment that operates using heavy machinery on a daily basis. You can also use these signs in escalators, elevators, laboratories and many other areas.

  1. Regulations and Safety Guidelines

Almost every country has laws against malpractices in the office environment. Employers often put up safety guidelines and regulations to prevent being legally sued in the future and to provide a safe working environment to the people who work there. These regulations help make every employee aware of the risks and dangers in the office environment. Regulations include health and safety practices, first aid procedures, laws, legal statures and much more.

  1. Energy Conservation Signs

These signs help reduce the carbon footprint of every company. In this modern world where taking care of the environment is a high priority, many companies use conservation methods and signs to make their contribution towards the environment. Apart from contributing, these signs also help to reduce the energy bills of the organisation. This way, such signs can help your company save money too. Energy conservation signs include instructions like switch off the lights, save water, conserve heat, do not waste water etc. These signs are usually put up in areas of high energy wastage like common bathrooms, office appliances and much more.

The above-stated signs are some of the most vital signs in any office environment. From mitigating risks and providing warnings to rendering a safe and efficient work environment, these signs play a major role in the smooth and safe functioning of an office. While there are many more signs which you can use but these five types of signs surely top the charts.

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