Provide EV Charging with Chargepoint EVSE Washington

When you own an electric vehicle, finding a location to charge the vehicle can be daunting and, frankly, annoying. With chargepoint EVSE Washington, you can have more convenient access to a charging station in your home, and, if you’re a business owner, you can provide charging stations to employees, to families in your multi-family buildings, or start a business or side business where chargepoints are made available.

Chargepoints for the home is fast, convenient, and made with you, the user, in mind. You can use the mobile app to start your car from a different location, and to schedule and track your vehicle’s charging.

We also offer charging stations for electric vehicle fleets and multi-family applications. You can assign parking spots for personal charging in multi-family homes by giving RFID cards to vehicles or drivers. This allows only those vehicles or drivers to utilize your charging stations.

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Cities, business, and property owners who want to provide EV charging to their customers, tenants, employees, etc. can benefit from our line of charging stations meant just for that purpose. You can set the fees for pricing in several different ways. You might set them by session, kWh, time, or a combination of these. You can also set fees for various times of the day or different drivers or groups of drivers. The pricing flexibility you have makes this truly a customizable enterprise.

Using a mobile app, your employees, residents, or customers can use your stations, which keeps you from having to handle long lists of drivers who want to use your chargepoints. On the app, drivers can sign up to be on the waitlist and get notification when a charging station is open. The stations are reserved while drivers drive up and plug in.

Additionally, an LCD screen and customizable signage allow you to promote your brand. The system is usable in English, French, and Spanish, and its buttons work in all weather conditions, making it even more convenient for your users and for you.

If a city, business owner, or property owner wants to offer express charging, direct current fast charging is also available. It provides quick turnaround charging for properties near major roads and has an embedded AC to DC converter, delivering direct charge to vehicle batteries.

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