Seeing Spots: Dealing with Skin Discolorations

As we grow older, it is not unusual for discolorations and age spots to appear on the skin. The human skin undergoes many changes with increase in age because of genetics and external influences like exposure to the rays of the sun. Just like wrinkles, patches, scars, spots and any other discolorations can form on the skin and deepen with time. If you are facing such problems, you can seek age spots treatment Utah.

Normally, skin discolorations, freckles and age spots are not harmful, but you should always be cautious. If you start to see new, irregular, or fast growing skin malformations, you should seek the services of a dermatologist immediately to ensure they aren’t cancerous or need to be removed.

Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer which is characterized by excessive growth of melanin-producing cells. Melanomas can appear on the skin all of a sudden, or even form on an existing mole, therefore be cautious at all times, especially if you are exposed to the sun’s rays a lot without using protection.

Non-cancerous skin spots can be caused by hormonal changes, sun exposure, skin irritation, aging, pregnancy or even trauma. Though you cannot erase all of them, it is possible for most skin discolorations and spots to be lightened, covered or completely removed using the latest skincare techniques.

Age Spots and Melasma

As a person grows older, age spots can appear on the face, backs of the hands, and the back. These spots are benign lesions that form on areas of the body that are often exposed to the sun. They usually look like melanoma, so they might need medical evaluation. Prescription treatment is used to treat pervasive age spots. Anti-aging skincare products, often bought over-the-counter, like cleansers, serums, moisturizers contain skin brighteners to help minimize the appearance of spots and other skin blotches.

Melasma is a skin problem that usually occurs during pregnancy. It is characterized by discoloration patches across the face. This condition is caused by increased estrogen levels leading to overactive pigment producing cells. Though pregnancy is the most common cause of melasma, birth controls pills can also cause this skin condition.

How Do You Deal with Skin Spots?

Age spots, melasma and other skin blotches cannot disappear overnight. Your dermatologist will provide you with skin therapies. Skin brightening and lightening treatments are effective in providing long-term results in 6-12 months of constant use.

Given that you suffer from age spots, melasma and other discolorations, you should avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible. Stay in the shade, or cover yourself with a hat, umbrella, and protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays by applying sunscreen prescribed by the dermatologist.

Exfoliation is also a useful method in hastening the healing of skin discolorations. It removes superficial pigmented cells.

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