Should Kids and Babies Need Face Mask to Avoid COVID-19

Novel Corona Virus is devastating the entire world. Everyone even the super technologies feel useless and helpless in this fight. With thousands of people dying every day, the health experts and scientists are trying best to develop a vaccine for covid-19.  Recent trials with vaccine have been failed. Health experts suggest social distancing and other precautionary measures including wearing face masks. Are face masks helpful for kids and babies? As a matter of fact, N-95 and other surgical masks are helpful to contain the virus. is with the people fighting with this COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. It offers Lifestyle Promo Code for shoppers who need affordable lifestyle products online. Buying the face masks is very important today.

Should your kids wear masks? Here’s what the health experts believe.

According to the CDC, face masks are not suitable for the babies under age of 2 years.

“Mask is suitable for elder kids. Anyone who can’t remove the face mask themselves should wear it. Parents should take high care as the little babies may face suffocation or difficulty in breathing while wearing a face mask” CDC added.

Masks Make Breathing Harder:

Masks with a thick stuff or surface are dangerous for the kids. Ask your kids if they are feeling easy while breathing. Immediately remove the mask if they are not easy with breathing. Wearing the mask is only important if you are going out. There is no need to wear a face mask at home.

Dr. Muhammad Imran, a clinical pathologist in UAE, has a different opinion in this matter. “Kids who stay or spend most of time at home don’t need a mask. Don’t focus on social media and news. They are depicting a bad picture of what’s happening in the outside world. Parents should buy safety masks after checking the fabric. Thin fabric masks are ideal for the kids. People in UAE can purchase the quality masks by using a Lifestyle Promo Code. Get this promo code from where several discounts and deals are present for the online buyers” he further added.

What Types Of Masks Are Good For Kid?

As a matter of fact, people buy face masks for protection against the virus. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t need wearing masks at home. You will need them when going out for shopping or any other activity. UAE is now going to soften the lockdown in country by opening shopping malls, transports and other basic facilities. Wearing the face masks is a mandatory act in country.

There is no need to buy N-95 or surgical masks for the kids. Parents can buy simple fabric based masks from the online shops. Use Lifestyle Promo Code for considerable discounts and savings. It would be great to buy masks in bulk. No doubt, fabric face masks run for longer but you will need to replace and wash them quickly.

Ask your kids to wear mask if they want to play outside. This is important to keep them safe from the COVID-19 infection.


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