What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which blood sugar levels or blood glucose levels are increased over an extended period of time. The change in lifestyle and excess consumption of processed foods are the major reason behind the sudden growth of this type of medical condition.

Diabetes is categorized into two main types, namely, type I and type II. Type II diabetes is more common and is also known as Diabetes mellitus and in this condition, body cannot regulate blood sugar level. Type I diabetes is less common and occurs due to low or no production of insulin by liver. Moreover, there also exists gestational diabetes, which is caused during the pregnancy in women but usually resolves after childbirth.

What causes diabetes?

Development of diabetes depends on genetics, family history, lifestyle or surrounding environment. Type I diabetes is generally caused by immune cells attacking the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. It further results in reduction of insulin in body which in turn causes high blood sugar.

But there could be many causes for type II diabetes including obesity, smoking habit, excessive intake of alcohol, unhealthy and processed food consumption, genetic predisposition or age. Some women develop the case of gestational diabetes due to pre-pregnancy obesity.

Some of the additional reason which might lead to diabetes in an individual could be due to removal of pancreas, pancreatic cancer, PCOS and prolonged steroid intake.

Some common symptoms

The main symptoms of diabetes include frequent thirst, urinating more than usual (especially during night), feeling tired, loss in weight, slow healing of cuts or wounds and blurred vision. These are some of the most common symptoms which are found in people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. However, there have been cases of type II diabetes where people have the problem for years as the early symptoms tend to be general. Although, type I diabetes can develop quickly over weeks or even days and therefore, can be easily identified.

Treatment and prevention

Diabetes is a chronic disease which might last lifelong. Hence, treating diabetes requires a significant amount of real effort especially from the person’s end. Coping with diabetes could be challenging but with certain dedication and improved lifestyle, one can get through it.

The medical experts have designed some of the best treatment plans for diabetes which includes learning about diabetes, how to manage it and how to prevent the complication in the newer future. This proper knowledge and awareness about their medical condition along with the treatment details enable one to manage diabetes as efficiently as possible. Enough medicines have been developed and introduced by medical industry which helps to control the high blood sugar level.

However, people with type 1 diabetes needs insulin dosage to manage the high blood sugar level. Till now preventing type I diabetes is not possible however type II can be treated and prevented with some minor changes in lifestyle especially on exercise and diet. One must consult a dietician to count on the nutrition and sugar intake as it helps to easily deal with the problem. It is high time; people should include a good diet and regulated exercise in their daily routine to ensure healthy life.

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