What To Do About Personal Injury Cases After Accidents

Most times, injuries inflicted in an accident might not be seen immediately, and you might ask yourself what you need to do in other to get the compensation needed. Well, here are a few ways you can make sure to get your charges.

Compensation Damages

Under the term “bodily injury,” it must be understood that any physical, moral or economic injury of the person is taken into account.

Personal effects like clothing and jewelry, as well as devices delivered on medical prescription like glasses or prosthesis, if damaged in the accident, are also compensated for this purpose.


The insurer must immediately make an offer of compensation to the victim within the maximum period of eight months from the accident.

However, the definitive offer of compensation can only be made when the victim is “consolidated,” that is at the moment when the injuries become fixed and take on a permanent character. The victim’s state of consolidation is determined by a medical expert. Also Josh Clayton law provides the best way to tackle personal injury and compensation.

If the insurer decides to take the victim for a medical report to assess his injuries, a notice must be sent to him at least fifteen days before the examination. The report must reach him within twenty days to follow the expertise. The conclusions of the expert can be final, and a date can be set for consolidation, this can be temporary pending the next expertise.

In the event of minor injuries, the insurer might seek medical advice “on documents.” A doctor chosen by the insurer will assess the damages based on the medical report of your file.

But if the consolidation isn’t acquired within three months after the accident, the insurer might propose a provisional offer, that is to say, an advance payment of the compensation that will be granted to the insured.

In this case, the insurer must communicate to the insured his final offer of compensation within five months of the date on which he was informed of the consolidation.

If and when the offer has been accepted by the victim, the victim has fifteen days to challenge the agreement. In the absence of a demonstration on his part, the payment must reach him forty-five days after acceptance.

Finally, if new sequels in connection with the accident appear while the compensation is settled, it is possible to request a reopening of the file within ten years from the consolidation.

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