1, 2, 3….Checklist for Buying a Used Car Without Regret

A rapid growth for the new cars also means a rapid growth for used cars in the market. A lot of people are choosing to buy a pre-owned car as their first car. But buying a used car is not the same as buying a new car. There is the extra baggage of checking for a lot of things when you decide to buy used Toyota Innova in Bangalore.

Here is a list of a few of them:

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  • Car’s Accident History: Just like we don’t change doctors frequently, people don’t change their mechanics easily. So you can find out about the accident history of a car by contacting the seller’s mechanic or workshop. You can also contact the insurance company for more details.
  • Warranties: Many times dealers identify some parts of the car as too damaged and get them replaced from the workstation. If they have replaced the parts with genuine ones then there would be warranties involved. So do check about those with the dealer.
  • Look for Unpopular Cars: Many good cars were unpopular in the market when they were launched. But they turn out to be quite a good deal when bought in second hand.
  • Avoid Modified Cars: A lot of car enthusiasts get their cars modified for different reasons. These cars are usually driven by passion which can affect its condition. It is also hard to tell the extent of modification performed in such cases.
  • Avoid Recalled Cars: A lot of times cars are recalled by the OEM due to some major fault in the model. Such cars worked upon by the OEM’s technical team and once the fault has been repaired they are sold back again. You may want to stay away from such recalled cars for second hand sale.


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