3 Useful Tips to Minimise Risk While Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car is an economical option, but it can be a risky one too if you are not vigilant. You can actually buy a used car from two modes: One is CPO (certified pre-owned) that you buy from authorized dealers and the other is non-CPO that you can buy directly from the owner. The CPO ones are slightly costlier but then they give you full peace of mind as they are deemed fit for sale only after passing a number of stringent tests. The non-CPO ones are bought directly from the owner and though you get them at a lesser price they have some risks associated with them.

Here are few tips to minimise your risk level while going for Bangalore used cars for sale.

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  • Unless you know the owner of the car very well, don’t just trust anyone for the non-CPO vehicle. The CPO ones are little costly, but then they are much more reliable. The private owners, on the other hand, can withhold some information while selling the car to you, which might prove much costlier than the money you will save initially on the deal.

  • If you are hell bent on buying a non-CPO only, then take your trusted mechanic along and get the vehicle checked thoroughly before making a deal.

  • Besides getting the car thoroughly checked, it is also advisable to ask for the entire service history. Getting this history gives you the idea of how the health of the car has generally been in the past.

Buying a used car generally saves you a lot of money, but then this saving has some risks associated with it. Though you cannot fully get rid of them, being a little aware will help you minimise them.


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