5 Easy To Care Houseplants To Nurture Your Indoors

No home can be considered evergreen without the presence of green plants. These leafy friends redecorate every floor with their liveliness and can fill the corners of every room with their everlasting freshness. However, at times, due to a hectic schedule, we are unable to take care of them and thus, these are found lifeless in a matter of time. Plants require attention, love, and care just like your family and friends do. Natural fertilizers, organic fertilizers, an adequate amount of water, partial sunlight, these might look like a few essentials of any plant, however, there are a few of them that are easy to care and require less maintenance as compared to others. In fact, you can buy plants online or procure their saplings from a nearby nursery.

Following are a few of the easy to maintain houseplants that can spread greenery at the same time ask for zero or less care.

  1. Jade Plant

An evergreen plant with glossy leaves, Jade plants are known to bring in good luck, prosperity, and soulfulness with its presence. It is one of the top plants that require partial sunlight, occasional watering, and a dose of organic fertilizer within a few months. You can even buy these in plenty and beautify corners of your homes and your dearest ones too.

  1. Golden Pothos

Improve the air quality of your home and adorn your room with an exclusive green piece simultaneously. Pothos are known to bring in the comforting ambiance at its best and while you might think these leafy plant would require ample of attention and maintenance, well, then the good news is that pothos is easy to care little green buddies that seek less care.

  1. Bonsai

Known to spread the positive vibes of luck and prosperity, Bonsai plants emerge from a very strong stem and thus, are a miniature of a big majestic tree potted in a beautiful pot. Plenty of varieties are available of this species and while you may pick any, every variety requires less or partial shade and a seasonal watering, more during the summer season.

  1. Jade Terrarium

Also known as a money magnetic in Feng Shui, Jade Terrarium is known to invite growth and renewal into your home. This small-leaved succulent plant has green, thick, smooth leaves that are coin-shaped symbolizing material wealth. An easy to care indoor plant, this can spring your inner decor beautifully and can be a perfect addition to your desk.

  1. Peace Lily

Considered as one of the best toxic gas neutralizer, this houseplant bears majestic white blooms which can make your house look heavenly. Crowd-Favorite houseplants that can uplift the energy of any space. And is also known for bringing good luck, money, and good health to the ones who nurture them.

So, wait no more, order online one of these an easy to care plant and watch them bloom with less care.

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