5 Offbeat Places Near London to Celebrate Your Honeymoon

A charming destination and one of the best places in Europe to celebrate your honeymoon is in and around London. With the European and Victorian style buildings, lush green landscapes, zigzag streets with shops selling colourful items, cultural, historical places to visit and to explore with your loved ones. Many international flights comeinto London airports and that too with very economical options. Many flights travel from Delhi to London very frequently, book your tickets after checking Delhi to London Flight tickets price and enjoy an extravagant honeymoon.

Not only the main city of London offers exotic tourist spots for honeymooners, but some offbeat places near London are equally gorgeous to celebrate your honeymoon. Some of such placesare mentioned below for you to spend few days of your honeymoon there.

  1. Brook House Hobbit Hut, Herefordshire

Spending a night in this handcrafted Brook House Hobbit Hut will surely take you into the world of Hobbit. The wonderful huts might look small, but it has a king-size bed, private fire pit and wood burner inside. And a seating outside provides scenic views of the surroundings. Cooking in the open place, taking strolls in between the long alpine trees, learning yoga and much more experiences will truly take you back to nature.

  1. Holly at Hesleyside, Northumberland

Just think how it would be spending your honeymoon at a chapel on wheels. This place is situated in a gold tier Dark Sky Reserve. The enticing reserve offers mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views for photographs and milkysky with million stars can be watched in the nights before climbing to the bed in the eves.

  1. Abbey Gatehouse, Gloucestershire

The speciality at the interesting Abbey Gatehouse is a large bed situated on the balcony overlooking the room. The room contains cosy chairs, a wood burner, and everything one needs to have a romantic time with your partner in this extraordinary location.The couple can go for errands in the beautiful Tewkesbury and the surrounding areas of Cheltenham and Cotswolds.

  1. Love in the Round, Cornwall

Love in the Round provides the best of the best picturesque views along with a memorable stay in the woods of Cornwall. The cottages are specially made for couples with a four poster bed and a cosy fireplace to cuddle up. The wine can be cooled in the streams which flow in between the cottages. Enjoy reading together in the well-stocked library and at the same time indulge in the massages. Whatever you dreamt of your honeymoon, those dreams can be fulfilled in this enchanting place.

  1. Oakdown Treehouse, Wiltshire

Can you image your honeymoon to happen in a tree house? This imagination can come true at the Oakdown Tree House located in Wiltshire. The willow walkway has cosy cottages in the trees, which has king-sized bed covered with Egyptian cotton sheets and the chairs placed across the fire pit. To give an illusion that you are showering under the trees a luxurious wet room is provided with a huge skylight. Delicious meals can be ordered to the cottages which are made from fresh homegrown vegetables and home-reared meat. Scrumptious foods and wines can be ordered and enjoyed under the woods as in you are in a picnic with your loving partner.

Do some research, check Delhi to London Flight tickets price and travel to London and select to stay in these offbeat places in and around London which will surely give the best of memories and experiences that can be carried all over your life’s.

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