7 high-risk places to point restaurant Surveillance Cameras

The restaurant is a symphony of movements; servers rushing plates of food, kitchen staff preparing cuisines, etc. For this reason, it is not possible to watch every activity closely.  There are five essential categories of risk that must be monitored; food safety, customer safety, employee safety, theft, and vandalism. The restaurant with no video surveillance systems is several times more probable to be robbed than that with well thought-out security system and burglar alarms. The restaurant video surveillance footage helps you monitor and mediate any safety and security hazard before they become a liability.

Every restaurant is vulnerable to theft and security issues, or incidents that may result in insurance, legal, or HR claims. So, it is always safe to keep an eye on all sections to enhance the secure environment. In this article, we’re going to list out high-risk places to point the Security Cameras in restaurants.

  1. The office

This is one of the greatest blind spots in a restaurant. You can’t interpret what goes behind closed doors. It is a prime location for misconduct and assaults. The CCTV camera records evidence of these activities and protects you from any future legal risk.

  1. The safe

It is an important spot in your whole restaurant to monitor employee interactions and potential security risks. Put your safe in a location where it can be clearly monitored because it can be difficult to investigate potential crimes if it is located in a surveillance blind spot.

  1. Kitchen

It is absolutely essential to capture video surveillance footage in your kitchen and make lines to ensure that all sanitary and safety rules are being followed. Food left out and spoilage has a serious negative impact on your restaurant’s reputation and may result in substantial fines and even total business failure.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms area is a high-risk area for slips and falls due to the preponderance of water. Putting CCTV cameras in Bathroom hallways can deter any criminal activities in and around.

  1. Back door

This is the most targeted area for robberies, murders, and kidnappings. Ensure that the back door is not kept open or obstructed. It is extremely important to install “motion activated security camera” on the outside of the door to monitor who comes and goes.

  1. The walk-in cooler

It might surprise you! This often overlooked area and the source of great financial loss due to your employees and customers. The Staff in the kitchen carelessly props open the door to the walk in the cooler. This puts thousands of dollars worth of food at risk. You can also catch any employee stealing food and groceries.

  1. Drive-thru

Every restaurant feature one or more drive windows. This is a potential spot for robbers to escape, murders, and kidnappings. You can capture customer and employee interactions to ensure the best possible customer experience.

To mitigate loss from robberies and food products adulteration in your restaurant, the perfect video surveillance footage is of immense help. Wisely choose the best Security Camera Installation Orange County CA Company for your hospitality industry services monitoring.

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