A Different Take on Photography- Charles Nucci Reads the Revolution Coming In

There have been multiple claims where Photography has been termed as dead. Even if the scenario is not that extreme, it’s gone for sure. There is an interesting simile that has been drawn by some of the experts. They have rightly pointed out that just like the topics of discussion keep changing when boys and girls turn out to be men and women, even the discussion regarding photography must be changed as things have changed radically, and hence the approach must change as well. Even photo maniacs like Charles Nucci believe that is the lack of identifying these changes that puts forth the threat of cutting out the means of communication, isolating it from the entire cultural mainstream.

Even the art of photography went through its own puberty, and it was during the technological advancements when the entire world started shifting from analog to digital. And as smartphones crept in, the difference in the user’s behavior can be actually pointed out. Just how one throw tantrums during the puberty, even photography started throwing its own tantrums in forms of promiscuity, manipulation and all kinds of behaviors that seems to be inexplicable.

Viewing the Changes Keeping Charles Nucci in Confidence

People earlier had certain restrictions while viewing any object fit for photography. And as the technological advancements kept progressing, these photographers went beyond seeing two dimensional objects and explore all the possibilities that could hardly be imagined. Along with it, as the World Wide Web brought a sea of information to the creative photographers, their scopes of imagination kept exceeding all borders.

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The digital capturing of objects actually severed the optical connection of all objects with reality. The physical relationship between the object photographed and the image which differentiated the lens imagery actually stood up and defined one’s perception and understanding of photography for the past one and a half century. However, commercialization was the key source of bringing forth these changes, and consumers started demanding for something new. The traditional publishing scopes were also changing, and hence the culture is even ought to change irrespective of the fact photographers chose it or not.

This twist in the new force was the key to the occupational change as well. The revolutionary change wasn’t brought forth by the photographers, or the publishers or the branded manufacturers who came up with fashionable cameras. Instead it was the telephone engineers who steered in the revolution and industry experts like Charles Nucci believes that this process will go on and on. The latest technological advancements keep bringing in new scopes and hence throw the photographers into a completely new and wild territory. A lot is owed to these changes as it not only focuses towards making the world of photography better, but also helps look behind the horizon. Nothing creative ends so easily, it’s just the lack of vision that leads one to lose the path.

Keep building new stories with the help of latest photographical advancements and frame memories that last long.

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