Active vs. Passive Air Purification

Air purifiers are becoming a household essential predominantly in Indian metro cities. It is partly due to the rising air pollution and partly because of increasingnumber of families adopting healthier lifestyles. In general, there are two types of air filtration products available in the market today. Ones that are using active air purification technologyand others with passive Air purification technology. In this post, we try to explain these two technologies and their benefits for the users.

Active Air Purification

The products using this technology are commonly known as Air Ionisers. They clean ambient air by releasing charged ions in the air. These ions get the dust particles charged, which in turn stick to any surface which has an opposite change. These surfaces can include walls, furniture, sofa etc. This technology focuses on settling the dust from the air to make it pure; however, the focus is not on removing the dust particles from your indoor surroundings. The long-term effects of this technology on the life of metals and furniture inside the indoor space have not been tested yet.

Second and a more serious charge against air ionisers is that they might release Ozone while emitting the charged ions. Now, Ozone is a harmfulgas for humans on prolonged exposure, and even if the amount released by air ionisers is minuscule, it can trigger allergic reaction in people with respiratory ailmentssuch asasthma.

Passive Air Purification

Air purifiers using passive air filtration use a much more conventional way of cleaning ambient air. An air purifier for office or home which uses passive technology sucks in air through in-built fans and passes it through a number offilters. These filters are designed for cleaning even the tiniest of air pollutants, which can be as small as 2.5 microns (generally called PM2.5). There are no side-effects from this kind of air purification, and several companies have developed their custom air filters, such as HiSiv by Honeywell, which provide even better air filtration, removing odours and gaseous pollutants as well.

If you are planning to invest in an air purification unit for your home or office, it is advisable to buy an air purifier with passive air filtration.

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