Are NGOs Gravitating Towards Crowdfunding?

The biggest challenge faced by non-profits has always been acquiring funds to propel the good they do. In 2014, 1.4 billion people worldwide donated to non-profit organizations alone. So there definitely isn’t a dearth of donors. Why do NGOs have so much trouble raising funds? The challenge is to make your story heard, let donors know you exist and do good work (especially if it is not a well-known NGO), finding those donors and give them a safe and easy platform to contribute to your projects and help you make the impact you want to make. In the past and present day, we see that crowdfunding continues to time and again provide NGOs these factors at an affordable price.

Before the concept of crowdfunding flowered in India, NGOs would turn to fundraising organizations, which mostly work offline, or create a portal for donation on their own website. Fundraising organizations usually tend to swallow a lot of the funds they raise (about 60%, as observed from various reports) as a part of logistical costs like phone bills, travel, paying employees, etc. If NGOs didn’t partner with these bodies, they went through the tedious process of applying for grants and matching funds, which involved endless red tape and consumed too much time.

When crowdfunding started to become popular in India, we quickly saw that it was not only ridiculously affordable but also convenient since we could do it from the comfort of our homes. Campaigners also came to see that the process of fundraising was not hard to pick up and also provided the transparency that was hard to come by with other options!

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Because of all the benefits crowdfunding provided, it is increasingly becoming the ideal option for NGO fundraising not only in India, but worldwide, as their reach widens since they could easily share their fundraiser straight from the page, making the process of acquiring donations infinitely easy for both the donor and the NGO. And the fact that now anyone anywhere in the world could donate in a few clicks definitely won the concept brownie points. And crowdfunding is easy! Read up on fundraising tips today and get started.

As observed on Impact Guru, over five hundred non-profits have turned to crowdfunding in the past two years on a single platform alone, and there are several of these crowdfunding platforms presently accepting donations in India. A single NGO can create multiple fundraisers for different projects and they can provide viewers with full authenticity using visual aid like photos, videos and snapshots of documents. They can describe the project in detail and include a full budget plan. All of this, on one single webpage – the ease of raising funds that crowdfunding offers attracts more and more NGOs in the present day.

Since the inception of crowdfunding platforms in India, NGOs have tested the waters and confirmed from multiple successful fundraisers that it is in fact an ideal option. Crowdfunding makes it easy for non-profits to rope in donations from a wider geography, providing their donors a safe and trustworthy platform to make their contributions in minutes.

If you’re an NGO, delve into how NGO crowdfunding works and do not hesitate to start a fundraiser today. Most crowdfunding platforms have supportive and compassionate teams that are willing to help at any time. Many fundraisers led by campaigner’scrowdfunding for the first time have seen immense rates of success. If they can, you can. Start today.

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