If you ever encounter a challenging situation following a death or suicide, it is mandatory to take the right steps to ensure that your safety is not compromised. Biohazardous wastes such as bodily fluids can sum up to make up a lot of trauma scenes. They can disseminate highly infectious diseases if they are not properly handled. Crime scene clean-up Harrisburg Pennsylvania has technicians who are OSHA trained, compliant and experienced and are readily available at any hour of the day to render disaster restoration help to businesses and homes in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Their approach to biohazard cleaning is exceptionally professional and compassionate to the core.

Call at any particular point in time.

You are going to speak with the service personnel directly rather than answering machines.

We provide cleaning services for any homicide, suicide, or traumatic death scene.

Our firm renders cleaning services for traumatic death scene, suicidal or homicidal occurrence.

When a traumatic death, homicide or suicide occurs, we are the most effective choice or helping families and their victims. We work closely with the local authorities and communities, emergency agencies, billboard agencies, insurance cooperations and a lot of others to render the most prolific and acceptable service.


Our company is credibly certified as a professional crime scene clean up & detoxifying company with a complete license to carry out biohazard services.

Any company who partakes in any form of detoxification or crime scene clean up services in Harrisburg Pennsylvania should possess the adequate training required. Our company employs and train skilled technicians with the right certification to execute the job properly. We outrightly know that this is all about seeing yours through a difficult situation. We are acknowledged as the most compassionate company so far in the industry.


  1. We receive your call directly.
  2. We then go through every bit of detail and the necessary steps to be taken.
  3. A date is then fixed for our professionals to execute the job with precision.
  4. Payment is later discussed after clean up, as we are more concerned about detoxifying compassionately and discreetly for all of our clients. Executing the job is our topmost priority


  • We don’t request for payment before or during the time of work.
  • Insurance encompasses 95% of the job we do.
  • You can get to us at any particular point in time or any hour of the day.
  • We can be at the venue or job location within an hour
  • Our clean up services are swiftly completed in no time.
  •    Materials with blood or body fluid on them must be disposed of as a biohazard. We have the necessary training, licensing and insurance.
  • Items with body fluid and blood on them are appropriately disposed of. We have the basic and required insurance, training and licensing to effect this.
  • Our record is flawless, with no citation or penalty in more than 20 years of service.

Feel free to call; if you want to ask a question and peradventure we are not able to assist or help, we will redirect you to someone who can help.

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