Crowdfunding for Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver includes damaged cells of the liver, scarring of the tissue and irreversible damage to the liver. Liver function will be impeded severely and it is the last stage of chronic liver disease. It may be the result of alcohol abuse or it can be caused by forms of the Hepatitis virus. Cirrhosis of the liver can develop into liver cancer.

A cure for it is liver transplant but not everyone has the money to do so. Moreover, a liver may not be available to most people as they come expensive. Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver include nosebleeds, jaundice, and appearance of small spider shaped arteries beneath the skin, weight loss, abdominal swelling, and gynaecomastia.

Cirrhosis usually develops for years and it can be prevented with proper treatment. Maintaining good liver health, limiting alcohol intake and following a liver friendly diet is a good way of preventing cirrhosis of the liver.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis is quite expensive in India. Private hospitals charge 5-20 lakhs for a liver transplant. Without a liver transplant, the prognosis of a patient with cirrhosis is two years at most. Yet, about 10 lakh new people are diagnosed with liver disease in India.

Given India’s financial status, we can safely assume that a vast majority of these people are likely to be poor. For them, it is very difficult and next to impossible to put together this kind of money. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money without putting yourself in debt.

Crowdfunding is the process in which a lot of people contribute small amounts of money to raise a large amount geared towards a cause. Here, it is the treatment and liver transplant of an individual. Medical fundraising is quite common in India due to the poor system of medical care in India.

Our government hospitals are overworked and our private hospitals are unaffordable. In this condition people have taken to crowdfunding. After the market online became came into existence, online fundraising for medical treatment became very popular. There if you need money for medical treatment, you should definitely search for crowdfunding websites like Impact Guru.

If you plan to crowdfund for financial help for liver transplant patients in India, here is what you have to do.

  1. Have a budget of all your expenses ready. This means the cost of the surgery, paying the liver donor, medications and later follow ups with the doctor: all of this should be well within your calculations and documented to help you later.
  2. Choose a crowdfunding platform that you are comfortable working with. It should have managerial support for your campaign. They should be able to give some sort of certification to your campaign, marking it as genuine. This provides credibility to the campaign. Impact Guru is a website that does all this.
  3. If you have not written your fundraiser, you should write it down. It does not take a lot of time. You should write your fundraiser lucidly so that everyone can follow what you are saying. Make sure that your budget is delineated in your fundraiser. Upload photos of your medical documents and pictures of the ailing person in the fundraiser.
  4. Now it is time for the publicity part of the campaign. Use all devices available to you. Use social media to the fullest. Make a poster for the campaign and circulate it on social media apart from the fundraiser. Personally message and email people while trying to raise money.
  5. If you think one fundraiser is not enough to raise all that money, make a set of supporting fundraisers. Get other to share these.
  6. Always campaign with a team of people. This is important because you might be busy for some reason and you will need people to back you up. Moreover, the more people you involve in your campaign, the more people you are likely to reach through their social circles.

Medical crowdfunding in India can be tedious but it is still a much better option than taking loans. It is low risk and does not involve any investment other than time.

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