David Berkowitz Chicago gives some fantastic wedding photography tips

If you have just started with photography and have been invited to a wedding photography project, it can be a great idea to know the basics right. Wedding photography is different from other types of photography and requires some special techniques. Whether you are on a professional paying gig or doing it for a friend, you could certainly use the below rules.

David Berkowitz Chicago advises newbies to know their gear

That’s right! You will be astounded to know that many photographers don’t really know their gear. You may have the most amazing camera money can buy but unless you know how it works and everything else to do with it, it is not going to come to much use, is it? That is why knowing your gear is so important and it is especially important in a super-charged even such as someone’ wedding. Understand themes, settings and everything about your camera suggests David Berkowitz Chicago so that on D-Day, you can concentrate on taking some amazing photos instead of spending time trying to learn an unknown equipment!

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Understand the location

Location is an extremely critical part of wedding photography and it is of utmost important that you scout it before the wedding. This will give you an insight on how to take better photos every step of the way because this day is just not going to come back. Understanding the location as well as how the lighting works and the amount of indoor and outdoor light there will be during the event is a must-do! Scouting the church and reception areas is also super-important and something you must do.

Have a list of things you will do

For a new photographer doing his first wedding, it is important for David Berkowitz Chicago to make a list of the things you want to do. For example, when it comes to the bride’s solo photos, make sure you want to take photos of things like the bride getting ready, the bride putting on her veil, the bride entering the church, etc. Writing down everything will ensure that you don’t miss out on any photos you might have wanted to take and it makes for a complete wedding photo album.


A great idea to prepare for wedding photography is to practice and prepare as much as possible, especially if you have never done this before. An interesting way to practice is to shoot a fake wedding. This means you get some friends together and try to take some photos while they mimic a real wedding. This will give you an idea about what works and what doesn’t in the real scenario.

Be presentable, fun and friendly

It’s a wedding you will be shooting. So expect nerves and jitters all the way. So as a wedding photographer, it is in your best interests to be presentable, fun and friendly so that the guests, the bride and the groom don’t feel uncomfortable in front of you. You will be able to relax everyone so that you will be able to take the best photos of the event.

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