Do Cloud Computing Course and Be an Expert in Cloud Software!

Nowadays, businesses are rapidly moving towards the cloud platform. That is, most of the businesses tend to use applications and web sites that are based on the cloud and they consider this as the future of information technology. To master in the concepts of cloud and cloud architecture special training on cloud is needed like architect online training. The main focus of this type of training is to provide the learners the key concepts of cloud computing and the Amzon Web Service WS. Once a person learns these concepts, then the individual become proficient in the cloud development.

The information technology classroom training will provide everything one need to know about cloud computing. In this, participants will also learn the key concepts that are needed to set up and host their own applications based on the cloud platform. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the key concepts of cloud and its core services. Similarly, participants will learn about the Amazon Web Service systems. This workshop helps participant to master in the concepts such as the important cloud computing concepts includes Software as a service, Platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service. In addition they learn about the use of private clouds and cloud programming.

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AWS provides a complete set of services to run almost any applications based on cloud and provides cloud based solutions to businesses. By understanding the concepts of three important services of cloud computing such as the SAAS Software as a Service, PAAS Platform as a Service and IAAS Infrastructure as a Service, participants will become masters on the essential concepts of cloud computing such as cloud architecture, pros and cons of cloud, different types of cloud, private cloud, public cloud and some other concepts of cloud programming.

What will the participants learn?

  • Understand the concepts of cloud computing
  • Learn about Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS
  • Learn about Amazon’s storage services such as S3, RRS, Glaciers
  • Able to understand the difference in Load distribution and Scaling in Amazon Web Service
  • Learn about management identity and access management techniques
  • Learn about multiple AWS services and managing the resources’ lifecycle
  • Learn the architecture and design of AWS
  • Learning DR Disaster Recovery in AWS
  • How to design and plan a cloud solution architecture
  • Able to maintain the cloud solution infrastructure
  • Learn about the design for compliance and security
  • Learn to optimize business and technical processes
  • Able to maintain the implementations of cloud architecture

Who can learn AWS architect?

  • Learning the AWS architecture is suitable for beginners and professionals those who want to build and improve their career in Cloud computing technologies.
  • Also, it can be learned by professionals those who want to develop cloud-based applications with AWS.
  • This is also suitable for


IT professionals

Professionals of Cloud platform etc

If an individual learn cloud architecture and cloud concepts he or she is able to work efficiently on cloud platforms and with cloud applications.

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