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The head as well as the neck are both very important and delicate parts of the human body, and hence require a lot of care and attention. It is not a good thing to neglect any discomfort in these areas. Pain in the neck and the head is a rampant problem of the day, but in most cases people take refuge in pain killers and subdue the pain on a temporary basis. It is thus of primary importance to consult a specialist like Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC whenever one encounters even the slightest problem affecting the area.

An otolaryngologist is a surgeon who specializes in the surgery of head and neck and has intense knowledge over the core skills required in the trade. Such doctors are the ones who have acquired accredited residency program so that they are able to provide comprehensive surgical and medical care of patients, who have complaints with regard to their ears, the respiratory system, the upper alimentary systems and other structures related to the neck and the head.

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Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC is a specialist in head and neck surgery hailing from Raleigh, New York. His other area of expertise lies in plastic surgery and general surgery. He is affiliated with a few of the renowned hospices in the area such as, WakeMed Cary Hospital, Wake Med Raleigh Campus and Western Wake.

For those interested in surgeries, the head and neck area is known to be one of the most interesting sub-specialties; every year quite a few senior medical students are drawn towards this genre of medical science, and this is what makes it one of the most competitive areas of residence training.

There are some sub-specializations of otolaryngology namely, oncology of the head and neck, microvascular surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, otology/neurotology, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Along with this certain areas of rhinology, sinus surgery, laryngology, and general otolaryngology are also incorporated within the realm of otolaryngology. This diversity within the framework of one specialization is what attracts so many medical students every year.

Those4 studying otolaryngology spend almost 15 years in training themselves with various parts of the body that include the ear, nose, throat, etc. They learn to diagnose and manage certain diseases of the voice box or larynx, oral cavity, and a few structures of the face and neck.

The head and neck cancer is another common problem that is addressed by such specialists and this requires a major surgery wherein a dissection of the neck is carried out.

Post a surgery, any good specialist surgeon of the head and neck gives complete information and instruction to the patient not just about the benefits of such a surgery but also the precautions and measures one needs to take post the surgery. It is also essential for any patient to get enough information about the procedure that he/she will be going through, to help in the mental preparation process.


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