Emergency Services Franchise

With an emergency services franchise, you will be able to come to the aid of individuals in your community who need immediate assistance in repairing and restoring their properties to their pre-disaster condition. Disaster doesn’t care who it strikes, how hard it hits, or when. When your customers need your help, you’ll be there to help them through the difficult process of getting back to their daily routines.

As a franchisee, you will provide water damage cleanup, mold remediation, storm damage repair, fire and smoke damage restoration, and more. You will benefit from our comprehensive and proven marketing program and from our extensive training and support. You will never be on your own as you grow your business.

We offer a unique business model in the disaster restoration industry in that we work as our own general contractors. This empowers us to complete the restoration process for our clients so they don’t have to hire another contractor to get their homes and businesses back to their pre-loss condition. Other companies simply swoop in, clean up the mess, and then leave. There is more to the process than just cleaning up. Rebuilding needs to occur.

As part of our team, you will be a member of a group that gives customers excellent care and attention. Each situation is different, and we help them all in getting their lives back and in managing the insurance claim process to help ensure they get a fair settlement.

The insurance disaster restoration industry can handle the ups and downs of the economy, unlike the general construction industry because disaster continues to strike even if the economy is not doing well.

Additionally, our average gross profit margin is $814,346, and the average contract is invoiced at $2,644,777. You’ll need a total investment of between $162,755 and $332,220 to become a franchisee, and we work in a multi-billion industry.

We offer multi-unit development agreements for qualified franchise owners with existing infrastructure. There are open territories around the country, so there is likely one available where you want to live and work.

With our unique business model and dedication to excellence, we offer you more than just a business to run. When you’re ready to learn more about emergency services franchise opportunities in your area, call, or send us a message. You’ll be taking the first step to becoming your own boss. We are ready to all your questions and to help you start the application process of becoming a franchisee.

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