Eyebrow Tattoo Guide

Tattooing your eyebrows is not a strange thing nowadays. It is common to meet someone who has thinned her eyebrow. But microblading is a serious decision that you need to think through thoroughly. If you are considering getting your eyebrows tattooed here are essential things you need to know first.

What is Micro Blading?

Specialists use this process to tattoo your eyebrows. Micro blading aims at creating hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or to thin your eyebrows. This technique is useful for people who have no time or don’t know how to do their eyebrows. It saves one the money to buy expensive eye pencils and gels. The procedure takes approximately two hours, and it costs between £500- £1000.

Is it Permanent?

No. Microblading is not permanent; it lasts between one and three years. With traditional body tattoos, artists use electromagnetic coil machines that get the ink deeper to the skin, but since microblading is semi-permanent, artists use a digital pen such that the ink does not get deep. But you can opt for the longer cosmetic tattooing which may last for close to 5 years.

Does It Hurt?

Like any other tattoo, you expect to feel pain. However, with eyebrow tattooing, the pain is significantly less. If you were able to withstand the heat in a dryer, then you can bare it. You should expect to feel some pressure and a scratch like sensation in the eyebrow area. Some experts use a numbing cream so that the procedure is less painful.

Will My Eyebrows Look Identical?

Your eyebrows are not twins. So not even tattooing them can make them look identical. It is very crucial that you understand this so that you don’t have unrealistic expectations. Your eyes are not at equal distances from the bridge of your nose which makes your eyebrows to have different start points. Therefore, even if you are tattooed with the best of the best artist, your eyebrows will not look identical. But there won’t be such a significant variation.

How Many Sessions Will I Require?

For most people, two sessions are enough. The first is for outlining and tattooing the eyebrow, and the second one, often after four weeks, is a touch-up session. This is so because our skins are different. Some skins will absorb ink better and faster than the others.

If you are not happy with your natural brows and don’t know how to fill them, you are a good candidate for microblading. However, it is advisable that you research before going for the procedure since microblading also has its side effects. Find out about the therapist, i.e., their expertise and hygiene. Why? If the therapist is unhygienic, you may risk infection.

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