Facts about Bitcoin Games that will make you think twice

The bitcoin rose in popularity over the last 8 years and t is still the undisputed king of crypto currencies. Some people are actively using bitcoin for both investment purposes and daily transactions. It is a large majority who have not started acquiring bitcoin gamesand it does not have any plans .these people have yet to see the power of crypto currencies.

Interesting facts about bit coin games

Initially the bitcoin was minded  they were  virtually  worthless as it cost literally cents to buy the btc.some people  may purchase  something with  bitcoins.People can buy pizzas  with bit coins  and they can purchase  it in a  big deal  because  there  is no retailer  and it was accepting  bit coins  at that time for goods and services. It is the first official documented purchase of goods by using the Bitcoin Games.

Inventor of bit coin is a mystery

The inspection of crypto Games has been several speculations about who the father of bit coin is. The bit coin white paper is made open to the public under the pseudonym of Satoshi nakamoto. It is still a mystery to be solved. The anonymity is leading to comments the bit coin and the buzz has not stopped the BTC from growing. Because the purpose of the bit coin is to is decentralized, a method of exchanging the money. And the anonymity is so healthy for this platform.

Bit coin is untraceable and bit coin is not untraceable

 When making the bit coin transactions your name, identity and it is not used in any of the forms. Only your public address is available. Thebit coin block chain is the permanent ledger and it is transparent. If anyone knows about the bit coin public address they can see how bitcoins hold and see what transactions that you have made

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