Finer Opportunities for the Halal Meat

The global industry of Halal Food and Lifestyle products is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Along with growing population of Muslims around the world, industry related to halal products is also growing rapidly.

A Better Understanding

The product made on the standards of Islamic law is called halal. Non-Muslim countries are curious to pick up the market of Halal products market from America, Brazil to Australia. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) wants to set itself as the gateway to those countries. The UAE wants to set itself up as an Islamic trade and finance center. But you will be able to find more about the matter when you will look into the current business state. Then you will understand the reason for the increasing demand for the wholesale halal cooked.

What You should Know

The UAE had last month announced that 67 million square feet of land in Dubai’s industrial city has been dedicated to companies related to the halal industry. Here halal food items, cosmetics and things related to personal care will be produced. According to Abdullah Belhole, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Industrial City, the idea of ​​creating special zones for halal producers only came after local demand and demands on the international level.According to Islamic law, halal has to be done to kill animals by hand.

Halal products big market

Experts say that the industry will be doubled in five years. They say, “We think there are a lot of possibilities and we need to redeem it.” Muslims around the world have 1.6 billion people. In most cases, Muslims like to use halal products. The overall understanding is that halal foods should ’t be tainted with pork or alcohol. In addition, animals should be made according to Jibah Islamic Shariah law. In an attempt to issue guidelines in the world for Halal products, the efforts of international Islamic organizations such as World Halal Food Council have not got much success. There is no global standard for halal certification. If strictly adherent of Sharia law, then according to him, Jibah will be considered as a halal by hand. The same person says that if the chicken is Jibah by the machine, it can also be Halal if the other rules are followed. In the case of canned mines, most of the machines used by the machine are used.

In order to attract more and more Muslim customers, companies are also writing above the packing how the chicken was halal. Malaysia is leading global leadership in the development of the Halal industry. He has carried forward the highest standards for the halal industry. In 2013, Malaysia exported Halal products of $ 9.8 billion. There are more that you will need to know to understand about the matter. But you will need to have a taste the halal also.

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