Get the best type of electric motor

Electric motor is an important part of all the types of machinery. This converts electrical energy into the mechanical energy. Electric motors are available in different sizes, powers and speed, so you can find the best model for you machineries. Production of Italian electric motors “cmesrl” involves high quality with implemented innovations to give the best electric motors for outstanding performance. Currently CME motors can be used in many types of applications.

Quick guide to get the best type of motor

Most commonly there are two types of motors, D.C. motors and A.C. motors. The first type of motor is convert the direct current into the mechanical energy while in the second type of motor the alternating current is converted into the mechanical energy.  If you are looking to buy the best grade of motors, CME motors are the best.

Single-phase, three-phase asynchronous electric motors, IE2 high efficiency, two speed motors, motors with inverter, low centre motors are some of the popular types of  motors produced by us.

Powerful motor for cutting

The motors produce by CME can be used in different type of applications. Fan application, industrial’s

application, cutting machinery and in many other. Thanks to the different motor’s dimensions, powers

and technical solutions you can find the right product for your application.

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