Getting Help for Your Public Transportation Injury

Many people prefer riding public transportation because it saves a ton of money and prevents one from utilizing their personal car, putting significant miles on their car and having to spend a fortune on gas. Many people depend on public transportation as their form of commuting to work and back. However, public transportation is not completely the perfect form of transportation. There are drivers also behind those busses responsible for getting people to where they need to be at a certain time. These bus drivers are usually on a time limit because they have to get their passengers to where they need to be on a specific schedule, causing them to be in a rush often. Therefore, human error can occur. Accidents can in fact happen when you have a human being responsible for something. According to Aceable, there are about 16 percent of accident that happen that are due to distractions, such as GPS, conversing with others, eating food, texting and or using the phone. When you are hurt riding public transportation due to negligence from the bus driver, you deserve to be fairly compensated.

When public transportation companies hire their drivers, they are responsible for making sure these drivers are responsible and well qualified to drive a bus and get people to where they need to be safely. The problem is that many of these companies fail to hire quality individuals. When this happens, they put the public who ride the buses at risk for injury and or even losing their life in the extreme cases. There are many people who fail to realize that distracted driving is the same as drunk driving. You care not able to focus primarily on the road and for the safety of others. According to Statista, in the year of 2015, there were about 6.3 million car crashes that resulted in people losing their lives, getting severely injured and or experienced severe property damage. Car accidents can happen any time when the drivers are negligent.

When you are hurt in an accident riding public transportation, you are face with many losses. You have lost time to where you needed to be, you have been injured and have now faced a loss of health and well-being, and now you are probably going to face a loss of income because you are not able to continue going to work injured. You have to make sure that you are fairly compensated in order to get on with your life. You need a means of survival, so you will need to get a lawyer to help you. Only a lawyer will be able to get you the help you need because they know many things that an ordinary person won’t know. They are knowledgeable of the law and your rights, which are important to getting what you deserve. You can simply conduct a search online for: David Resnick & Associates, P.C. From here you should find one of the most qualified firms to help you with your injuries and getting fairly compensated.

Overall, take time to think about what is best for your condition. Make sure that you take time to contact a qualified lawyer to help you with your case. You cannot win a case alone, especially without a qualified professional who has the right experience.

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