Groupon User Statistic and Explanation

Groupon known as one of giant players in start-up companies that is able to reach millions of users. Based on the data, there are more than 9 million users that use Groupon mobile app. It means, the company receives huge profit.

We like to bring you brief information about the statistic of groupon usage from any possible resources. Through this explanation, it will help you to know more about Groupon as one of favorite thing that people loved nowadays.

Without further ado, let’s move below and enjoy some explanations that can make yourself feel really great while reading it.

Groupon user statistic based on mobile user and social media

First of all, we need to realize that there are around 35 % US people that use daily deal user service such as, Living Social and Groupon. Both are considered as the most popular services that people really love to take.

It’s a tight competition between them because of it and it can be a great way to see whether Groupon win the war or even there is a tight competition between the both.

In order to look it thoroughly, we like to pick the sample from mobile user and social media due to its massive usage from many people in this world. People love to download the groupon apps for their mobile phone or following the social media based on their needs.

Based on the data, there is around 50 % of sales of Groupon come from mobile as per December 2012. It means, there is around 50 % groupon user use mobile as their media to access groupon. It can be a great way for groupon to invade mobile market to get more customers.

For daily deal user, Groupon has more customer than their rival, Living social. The huge growth makes Groupon as one of promising start up company that people love due to their feature and other things that bring them at the top.

In addition to mobile phone, social media is also considered as a good place for people to access online shop like Groupon. Social media also gives huge advantage for Groupon based on the data that we’ve collected.

There are around 76 % from social media user that use Groupon instead of other. A huge number shows that Groupon is already trusted by many people. Besides, it can also motivate Groupon to be better than before.

As the conclusion, there are around 52 % of Groupon then 30 % of Living Social. For the rest, they use other application or other website as a place to shop or do another thing. With this data, we can see that Groupon is leading than other company. You can use Groupon coupon to save.

Groupon as a great start-up company start to take many people from Social media and mobile phone. In this case, it can motivate them to get more customer or other thing from any places based on their needs. They may improve their program or do new things to get more customers in the future.


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