Health issues to look out for when pregnant

If you are pregnant, then it is an exciting and beautiful time. The thought of bringing your own child into the world is both scary and awesome. One thing to keep an eye on when pregnant is your own health. There is naturally a lot of effort made on checking that your unborn child is healthy, but you should also look after yourself.

What health issues should you keep an eye out for when pregnant?

Common health issues during pregnancy

There are a lot of potential health issues that could show up when you’re pregnant. However, it is not wise to stress you or your baby by thinking of them all. Instead, it is wise to know about the most common issues below in case you think that you may be affected by them:

  • Anemia – one common issue for many pregnant women is anemia caused by the pregnancy. Anemia is an illness that occurs when not enough iron is in your body to help carry oxygen around it. When pregnant, the demands on your body are greater, which is why this illness can be seen at times.

Typical symptoms are feeling extremely weak or tired all the time. If you think that you may have anemia, then an iron blood test to test the iron in your blood is wise. This will allow you to get it treated if anemia is confirmed. With the online testing kits that you can order to use at home now, you don’t even have to travel to the doctor to have this done.

  • High blood pressure – another fairly common health issue when pregnant is high blood pressure. This can be caused by the general stress felt at times when pregnant and also the effects of carrying your baby around inside you. This can lead to very serious complications such as preeclampsia, which is why having regular check-ups is vital throughout your whole pregnancy.
  • Depression – many people know all about post-natal depression, but pre-natal can be just as widely seen. Many pregnant women feel anxious about their pregnancy for a range of reasons, from the birth itself to how having a child will change their lives. If you feel depressed or down when pregnant, then it is always best to see a nurse or health professional.
  • Gestational diabetes this illness is seen by some women when pregnant when high blood sugar levels are found in their blood. This is usually dealt with by exercise and diet in the first place, which is effective in most cases.

Pregnancy is amazing

While the above may sound a little scary, it should still be remembered that pregnancy is an amazing time. Many women will not suffer from any of the common ailments listed above, but it is worth being aware of them anyway. This will allow you to spot any symptoms in their early stages and get tested for them before they develop any further. Take the time to look after yourself and you will also be looking after your baby.

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