Here’s Why You Should Be Using an RV Cover This Winter

If you own a recreational vehicle that you intend to store this winter, how you store it could make a difference in whether it survives the winter without any damage. Winter storage can indeed be your RV’s worst enemy. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a motorhome or trailer.

Does your winter storage strategy include an RV or trailer cover? If not, it should. Covering your recreational vehicle with a purpose-built cover is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of protecting your vehicle. Moreover, a good cover is not hard to find. Just ask the good folks at Ohio-based Mytee Products. RV and trailer covers are just one of the many great products they sell.

Keeping the Moisture Away

It is odd to think that moisture can be a problem for recreational vehicles, especially given the fact that they are intended to be used in all sorts of weather. And yet, moisture is one of the biggest enemies of recreational vehicles sitting in storage.

It is one thing for your motorhome or trailer to get wet while you’re using it. It’s an entirely different matter to expose it to moisture while in storage. Moisture can lead to mold growth, rotting around windows and vents, and more. The point of covering your RV with a tarp is to keep moisture off the vehicle.

Protecting Against Dirt and Debris

Dirt and debris can be as damaging to the exterior of an RV as it is to a car’s finish. Imagine your RV covered with pine cones, needles, decaying leaves, and all the other debris that accumulates over the winter months. Exposure to so much dirt and debris every winter ultimately reduces the life of your RV over multiple seasons.

Once again, a good cover eliminates the risks. And take it from Mytee Products, it is a lot easier to replace a cover than your RV. You will not need a bank loan to buy new cover when the old one wears out.

Protecting Against the Sunlight

In addition to moisture and dirt and debris, direct sunlight can also be a problem for RVs in storage. Sunlight dries out caulking. It causes fading and discoloration. And of course, exposure to UV rays can make a fairly new rig look like it’s much older. Putting your RV under cover keeps out damaging sunlight.

A Longer Life for Your RV

By now you might be thinking that none of this makes sense. After all, motor homes and trailers are designed to be outdoors all the time. They are built to withstand weather and the elements. Why get so bent out of shape about protecting them during winter storage?

The thing to understand is that storage equates to lack of use. During the season, you are moving your motorhome or trailer quite frequently. Constant use involves regular maintenance as a matter of course. It is just natural for you to take better care of your rig during the RVing season. But during the winter months, your motorhome or trailer doesn’t get any attention. It just sits there.

Think about your home. If it sat vacant for five or six months without any attention being paid to it, don’t you think it would show signs of neglect when you finally returned? The same is true for your RV. While in storage, it’s not being cared for on a regular basis. So all those things that would not be harmful during the season become problems during storage.

That’s why you should be using an RV cover this winter.

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