How Postcards Keep You in Touch with Your Customers

People will try to tell you that print marketing and direct mail services Phoenix and throughout the country are dead, but nothing could be further from the truth! Savvy business owners and marketers are always looking for ways to improve their communication with customers and prospects, and postcards continue to be one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about special sales, new inventory or any message at all. There are several reasons why postcards and direct mail continue to be relevant in today’s digital society: they capture attention, don’t need to be opened, are versatile and can be easily personalized.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Creating eye-catching graphics for your next postcard mailing is critical, so create your direct mail services Phoenix style with the professionals at Biltmore Pro Print. Some organizations tend to prefer a single message with limited text to ensure that the reader’s eyes follow the path of highest importance with the postcard. Since postcards are not meant to have an envelope around them, you have a better opportunity to engage your audience with a message — so make the design count!

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Sized to Fit Your Message

Postcards are an incredibly versatile medium, and can be designed in a variety of different sizes to fit your message and needs. Invite your customers to an upcoming open house, provide a valuable coupon offer or announce an upcoming event — from tiny to full-size postcards can be modified to provide plenty of room and can be sized to fit your message. When designing your messages, use as few words as possible to get the point across and be sure that you’re focusing on benefits language to illustrate the value to the customer.

Special Cost-Savings

Postcards are one of the least expensive ways to reach a wide swath of your audience, from the printing and personalization of the cards to the reduced postage rate — which is often the largest chunk of your print marketing spend. With the high impact and low cost, postcards provide an excellent return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Mass Personalization

People love to read a message that is directly targeted to their attention. Fortunately, postcards provide an easy way to add personalization that will entice readers to learn more about your message and brand. Plus, bright graphics add warmth and interest — making the postcard feel more like a conversation with an old friend instead of a sales piece to be read and discarded.

Ready to get started on your next postcard mailing campaign? Contact Biltmore Pro Print today at 602-954-6517 for all your print promotion needs. Our design professionals will work with you to create the ideal medium to cause your audience to take action on your offer!


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