How to Effectively Stop Complaining

The first thing we ever learned on our way to personal development is the fact that complaining is bad and it won’t take you anywhere in life. It is rather useless to start complaining when the things aren’t going your way but how exactly we can put a stop to that “by default complaining mode” in our system? It is not easy to let go of complaining habits in a single day. It requires you to challenge your behaviour every step of the way and this my friend isn’t something everyone can accomplish.

Complaining usually is a habit and once you have decided to get rid of a bad habit, there are some steps to be followed. Complaining often is followed by a sense of dissatisfaction towards life and increases the melancholy. All these stressful things have a negative effect on our efficiency and are the major reasons for our stagnant growth.  Please take note that leaving a habit requires patience as well as strong determination. You have to have a goal and be passionate about accomplishing it without complaining about ups and downs. Here are some of the steps you can take in order to get rid of that “complaining attitude” and develop a positive outlook towards life:

  1.  Accept Life as It is

It is not easy to see the good in everything bad that happens to you but you ought to start somewhere and let’s start with having a positive approach to every up and down you get in your life. Accept the fact that life is plain messy and there is no user manual for it. Develop a habit to find good in everything. For an instance, didn’t get the job? Good, you have more time to learn and build a stronger resume. All the positive aspects of the things that follow through will help you settle with that downfall without complaining. Look forward to the good that it will bring.

  1. Adapt your Surroundings

Acceptance is the key here. All you have to do is allow yourself to accept that life happens and the bad things are the part of the parcel. You need to let go of that “my life is over “ perception if a single thing goes wrong. Learn to adapt to the situations in their absolute worst and look the sheer joy you will feel when the good comes. It’s okay to be sad about something for an amount of time, you don’t have to keep carry that sadness along the way. Give yourself and the others time to heal. Make them understand that you are there for them. A single text to your loved ones can do wonders. It is sufficient to let them know that you have them in your blessings and together you can accomplish anything without complaining.  I actually came across an amazing website that some wonder Good Morning Messages that you can go through. They exactly describe what a person is feeling when your own words falls short.

  1. Assertiveness

You don’t have to let go of the complaining habit on the expense of being someone you are not. If a person is treating you bad, you need to stop complaining about it and do something for that matter. Everyone should know how to treat you right according to the way you want to be treated. Confidence will take you everywhere in every situation. Be strong and confident about your beliefs. Being straight-forward on what you are implying will ultimately take half the stress and complaining down.

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