How to Have Fun While Sober

Far too often, people turn to drugs or alcohol to have fun. While it starts as a “recreational” habit just to enjoy a few laughs, it oftentimes progresses and turns into a full-blown addiction. If you’re trying to quit your substance abuse, finding out how to have fun while sober will help. 

  1. Make New Friends

If you’re trying to hang out with your old crowd while getting sober, this could be highly counterproductive for your recovery. You could find yourself longing to take a few sips of that cocktail, so you can enjoy yourself. However, a few sips is very rarely just a few sips. One sip will lead to drink after drink after drink. On the contrary, you could find yourself having a miserable time if you’re around all of the people you used to party with, and you’re not able to participate. This could lead to you having a miserable time and determining you can’t have fun without drinking or drug use. You could find yourself struggling to refrain from substance abuse. While you’re trying to recover, you should make new friends who have similar interests to you and aren’t into partying. You may want to search the web for local groups or join a support group. It’s vital you make new friends and see that you can have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. 

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  1. Find a Hobby

Finding a few hobbies will keep you active, so you’re not thinking about partying. You’ll also discover firsthand you don’t need a substance to enjoy yourself. If you’re unsure of what you would like to learn how to do, sit in on a few different club meetings to get a feel for the group and find out what you could possibly be interested in. Cooking is a bit hit with a wide variety of people.  

  1. Host Alcohol-Free Parties

Although it seems like an oxymoron, you can throw a party without alcohol. Invite people over who make you laugh. Throw a party at your house without alcohol. Theme your party and have everyone dress up in a specific way. You’ll laugh and have interesting conversation about the party’s theme. Have everyone bring a dish or create a wide range of food for your guests to have. You’ll enjoy creating a meal for your guests or being surprised with what other people bring. 

  1. Go Out Often

If you want to know how to have fun while sober, you have to find reasons to leave your house. Sitting at home will just cause you to dwell on your problems and possibly drink or use drugs to cope or enjoy yourself. Instead, find new restaurants or go shopping. It doesn’t hurt to strike up a conversation with those you meet while you’re out. Even if you’re not trying to make a friend, you’ll be happier when you have other people to talk to. 

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