How to Stop Dog from Running Away on Walks

If you are a dog walker like me, the chances are that nothing scares you more than seeing your pup bolt away during walks or hikes. No matter how funny it is, your dog running away on walks is no joking matter. Your pup can get ravaged by a dangerous animal (or other dogs), hit by a vehicle or disappear for good.

While there are myriads of different reasons that might explain such unbecoming canine behavior, there are some things you can do to prevent or stop your dog from running away on your walks. This is especially crucial for those who have just rescued a dog.

Here are 4 tips on how to stop a dog from running away on walks.

It’s All in the Training

A solid foundation in dog training is perhaps the first step in how to stop a dog from running away on walks. You need to provide your pup with a good solid training routine to make sure that your he or she stays with you on walks. More often than not, a thorough obedience training can do the trick. It offers a pup incentive to behave well and creates consistency and discipline in his or her relationship with you.

Take Time to Bond with Your Dog

If your dog bolts as soon as she sees other dogs, the odds are that she feels lonely and “abandoned.” You might want to spend more time with the pup; groom her, play with her, feed her yourself, giver her a treat, and whatnot. When you cultivate a healthy bond, the dog will never want to leave your sight.

Get the Dog “Fixed”

This one might come as a sensitive subject to some dog-owners. If your male dog is un-neutered and often runs towards other dogs during walks, there is a good chance he feels the desire to mate. It is only natural. As such, the quickest fix is to get your dog neutered. If that doesn’t sound like a way forward for you, be sure to take your dog through intensive training. Or, better yet, invest in a sturdy leash. This way, you can be better armed to stop your dog from running away on walks.

Buy a Hands-Free Dog Leash

If a traditional leash doesn’t do the trick, you might want to up the ante and invest in a hands-free dog leash. It is versatile, keeps your dog on “tight” leash, and leaves your hands free to carry toys, push a baby stroller, run, and so on.


These are only a few ways on how to stop a dog from running away on walks. No matter your approach, you’re better off with a firm hands-free dog leash.


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