Increasing your muscles power naturally

Nature is full of fruits and vegetables, herbs, beets and other edibles. These are the edibles which nature has preserved for us. They are full of high nutritional value. They are rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and multiple micro nutrients which are required by the body. As sports persons, body builders and the athletics are well aware of the nutritional value of nitric oxide in the diet plan, hence they always look for the fruits and vegetables which could supplement nitric oxide in their diet chart.

How to make the best nutritional plan for body building?

There are best foods which are incorporated by the body builders in their diet plan worldwide to have best bodybuilding nutrition plan. These body building foods are as follows:

Egg white: It is the rich source of protein and contains very less amount of carbohydrate and minerals. The protein: fat ratio is 60:1 which indicates that egg contains the richest form of protein and hence is used by the body builders worldwide.


Chicken: It is the rich source of high quality protein with very less amount of fat. Hence, it is included in the diet chart of every body builder.

Fish: The cold water fish like tuna is the rich source of protein and healthy fat. It contains very essential fatty acid omega3 which supports the muscle building process.

Beans/Legumes: You cannot ignore the power of legumes which is the rich source of protein and fibers. Fiber is required by the body for the digestion process. It does help in easy passing of bowel. Kidney bean is the rich source of protein as one cup of kidney bean provides nearly 14 gm of protein.

These foods are rich source of protein and various minerals which are required by the body in the body building process. If these foods are used under the guidance of a good dietician, they can be very beneficial for the body builders.

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