Jones Act lawyer in Houston

In case you are on the lookout for the best Jones Act attorney, you are not far off the mark. Especially you need an experienced attorney in a wide plethora of Jones Act and Maritime Accident cases.

An additional advantage is a location you are searching for is Houston, and it matched the criterion well. Quite likely you need someone who has expertise in

  • Maritime injuries and about seamen,
  • The offshore workers who have been affected,
  • Accidents are happening on rigs, platforms, barge, etc.

They should have a pan USA operation

People who are involved

A variety of personnel connected with the maritime segment is on the lookout for a need a reliable attorney. The spectrum of maritime workforce vary from

  • Seamen,
  • Maritime sailors,
  • Rig and Platform Workers,
  • Barge Crews and Workers,
  • Jack-up Rig Workers and Crews,
  • Supply Boat Workers and Crews,
  • Tanker and Freighter Crews,
  • Offshore Rig and Platform Workers etc.

Examples of recent accidents

The infamous Transocean Offshore Oil Rig Deepwater Horizon Fire and Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is a classic example of maritime accidents. Another one is the Mariner Energy Vermillion 380 Rig explosion of September 2, 2010. Those who were affected by these accidents need someone to protect their rights legally. It is preferable someone with the right qualification and expertise. Like Double Board Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law.

Houston Jones act lawyer should be able to handle the injuries as well as deaths. He should be able to intervene when the compensation is inadequate.

Maritime Injuries, accidents, and deaths

The maritime workers- seamen, longshoremen, and offshore oil & gas workers- are prone to adverse conditions leading to accidents, injuries or even death. The liability of the employers is to compensate such mishaps suitably, but they would like to settle the workers the least amount possible. Here is a good attorney comes to the picture who knows the extent of law and liability.

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The obligation of the employers

Essentially the employers are expected to keep all safety norms in place. Like

  • Unseaworthy vessels,
  • Maritime collisions,
  • Slippery decks,
  • Pulling or lifting injuries falls on deck,
  • Falling overboard, or death at sea,

Death at the High Seas Act is common due to negligence on the part of the employers.

What is Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a federal law which provides a cause of action for injured seamen. Based on the submission by the seaman of the negligence or fault on the part of the vessel’s owners, operators, officers, and fellow employees or because of any defect in the vessel, its gear, tackle, or equipment, the compensation would be awarded.

Mostly the employees would not know the extent of the law and its implication. Also, they would not be able to present their case effectively if left to themselves, here is the necessity for an excellent Houston Jones Act lawyer.


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