Kent Washing Machine Water Softener: A Customized Solution for Your Washing Machine

Have you ever faced troubles of instant damage to the washing machine, increased galvanic corrosion or foul plumping? Are your clothes losing their sheen and softness even after using expensive detergents and having the best washing machine? You may have wondered what the reason for all these problems is. Well, the cause behind this is hard water. If your area gets hard water having magnesium or other salts in excess, it’s highly likely that you face these hassles regularly.

This is where water softeners come to the rescue. Water softeners are the only customized solution to handle all the hard water woes. Kent provides the best water softeners that work on the most advanced technologies.   

There are very few brands offering water softeners out of which Kent is the most reputed in the Indian market. The best aspects of opting for Kent’s water softeners are:

  • Ion exchange technology
  • Space saving and compact design
  • Automatic regeneration

A Brief Insight

Kent washing machine water softener has been exclusively made for use in washing machines. After installing it, you will notice that with less water and detergent, extra lather gets generated automatically. The water softener for washing machines transforms hard water into soft. The best part is you don’t need any technical support to operate or install this softener. The compact design makes it easy to install the water softeners even in tight spaces.

Talking about its conversion technique, this water softener uses resin beads of verified quality, which get charged along sodium salts. Then it converts hard salts to soft salts. This helps in enhancing the efficiency of washing as it prevents scaling of the machine walls and thus the output and the life of the machine gets enhanced automatically.

Simple Regeneration Process

The non-electric regeneration process of Kent Washing Machine Water Softener makes everything easy and you can conveniently get soft water. The water softener follows a simple regeneration process in just four steps. There’s a distinct salt chamber and the user can easily execute the process by adding ordinary table salt. There’s no need for a special softener salt.

Salient Features of Kent Washing Machine Water Softener

Here’s a quick look at the salient features of this water softener, which make it a great buy for people experiencing hard water problems:

  • Produces more lather
  • Consumes less detergent and water
  • Enhances the life of the washing machine and also the lustre of clothes
  • Makes use of high quality resin to ensure an efficient process of ion exchange and ensure longer life
  • Comes with a standby mode, which again ensures longer life
  • Simple to install and use

With Kent Washing Machine Water Softener, you can certainly experience the miracle of superior quality of washing clothes. Laundry will no more be a hassle with this amazing softener. You can bid goodbye to all your hard water woes.  

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