Knowing about the different types of flours

Everything starting from bread to cookies is all made up of flours. Baking is an art, and it can actually convert flour into some of the most delicious items. Flour is nothing but finely milled wheat or other grains. It actually provides structure to the different baked products. But the structural support required for different products is different. If you can choose the right flour for the right task, then baking will truly become a success. If you choose the wrong flour, then all the efforts that you have put in for baking a particular item will go in vain.

There are different types of flours high protein flour available, but first, you should know about the regular flours that are used everyday in our households:

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  • All-Purpose Flour

If you are trying to cook something that asks you to add flour simply then it is called the all-purpose flours. This flour is basically milled from a mixture of both soft as well as hard wheat. It has a moderate protein content of about 10 -12%. This flour is the most versatile flour that is available in the market. Fluffy biscuits and chewy breads are all made up of this flour.

  • Cake Flour

This is a flour that has a very low protein content. This flour also does not contain gluten. This is perfect for those food items that have to be tenderly baked. As the name suggests, this flour is mostly used to bake cakes. You can also make muffins, biscuits and scones with this flour. This flour in most cases is also chlorinated which means that the content of gluten proteins is further reduced.

  • Pastry Flour

This is a flour that is made from soft wheat and is completely unbleached. It can strike a great balance between tenderness as well as flakiness. This flour is therefore perfect for making tarts, pies and also cookies.

  • Bread Flour

This is another type of flour that has a protein content of about 12 to 14 percent. This is the flour that is considered to be the strongest among all the other flours. You mostly need this flour for yeasted bread.

There are different types of flours available, and if you want to enjoy its benefits, then you have to choose that flour that caters to your needs.

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