Lovely Decorating Ideas with Minimum Cost that will make you love your house again

There are many beautiful decorating ideas for your home that can turn it into a very dear place that will calm you and make you mood.

Do you like your home? Do you love her? Would you like to change it but you do not know how?

Our home is our shelter. A place that always has to be careful considering to its decoration, in order to make us feel that in our lives everything is possible. It is a place you should feel when you feel this heartbeat that you feel when you are in love. But how do you do your house to become and

Refreshing Kitchen There are some changes in the kitchen that can be done easily and without spending a lot of money.   You can start by placing a poster Copenhagen on the wall and continue by painting the cabinets.

Living room

The living room or living room can get character and show much more beautiful by creating a few stripes on the wall. You can think of paintingon a wall muddy and white stripes, transforming the living room in this way. Family pictures on the wall gave a very beautiful touch to the place.

Paint your closets in a brighter shade and the walls in a different pale tint. Whitewashing the cabinets, and remove some doors from the cabinets to create some open shelves that are very fashionable this year. Again your favorite space and even at a very low cost ;


Curtains give color and liveliness. We like the curly curtains we usually find in farmhouses as they offer a very graceful touch to the place.

Kid’s Room Make your child’s bed a little elevated to create a space below to play without feeling cramped. Add curtains to feel that it has its own personal space (no one will be able to violate without its permission). Take an old box and put the toys there.


Take an old wooden furniture and paint it with a green paint. Then paint with a sea paint and scratch at some points to reveal a little green color. That way you can transform an old piece of furniture that you do not like anymore to something new.

Tip: Use a nice vintage map (you will find very beautiful maps are big trend in decoration or a nice table to cover the TV in the hours you do not need it. In the room, it is a good thing to avoid the electronic devices because they add tension to the room.



 If you want to create the perfect ambience to relax choose the colors of nature. Dark green, blue, deep yellow and orange are colors that cause warmth, relaxation and drive away tension. The sea is a color that gives peace and relaxation, so it is good to be preferred in bedrooms. Make a long pillowcase by joining colorful fabrics and print on a thick cardboard a nice message that fills you with positive energy whenever you see it. You will need at least one wooden furniture in the room. Wood as a material helps relaxation due to its natural origin. A bedside table, wooden chest of drawers will help you have a warmer bedroom. If you have rooms in the room place a piece of furniture at the bottom of the bed, a small two-seater sofa or a bench. So the space will look more thoughtful and relaxing. Before you sleep, take some time to relax by listening to music or reading a book. Prepare yourself to relax. If your space is limited then you create at least a small warm corner. You can do this easily by placing an armchair, a side table and a small warm floor at some point in the bedroom.

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