Mark Arabo – The New Trends In Digital Philanthropy And How It Makes Things Better

Digital era has started, and everyone knows the speed at which communications are taking place in the world. There were times when people have sponsored children globally, and there were times when sponsors tried to initiate a companionship using letters it took a long time for letters to get a reply. As Mark Arabo states digital era has ensured that people will be able to communicate faster and this has also ensured that sponsors get to know their wards more closely.

Mark Arabo on Digital Philanthropy

A disaster that has happened in some place globally has been able to reach remotely globally, and many people have decided to lend a helping hand in the form of sending things and sending amount also.

Digital transactions have helped in ensuring that people have more money to buy things for needy people and help in restarting a new life. Digital philanthropy is used to ensure that people get to know each other well and is also used to relate how people have helped each other during a crisis.

Digital philanthropy has ensured that everyone can contribute meaningfully and there were moments when a simple chat with distressed persons who have lost home and everything had helped them recover from the trauma.

Digital philanthropy is considered moiré than charity, and there were measures taken to avoid flood causing situations and so on. Many war-ravaged areas citizens have benefited with digital philanthropy, and there were moments when plights of people who have lost everything in a war that has resonated well with the audience.

Digital philanthropy has ensured that environmental concerns are highlighted, and there are moments in life when a simple tree reforestation has attracted many people from across the globe.

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Digital philanthropy role in impact marketing

Digital philanthropy has also ensured that people can work on projects, which cause more impact. There have been projects that have funding to help people with disability. There were cases when disabled persons are having low eyesight getting electronic magnifier that is portable these has helped in changing the way the people react to a situation.

There is online gift giving charity organizations that have benefited with digital charity, and there has been an increase in ensuring that people spend some time using online methods like chatting, Skype and so on.

Digital transactions in digital philanthropy

Digital transactions have ensured that digital payment has increased and there are ways to transact money to an account. This has increased the transparency, and there is a method in which transactions have taken place from different places globally, and that has helped the companies to get more transactions feels Mark Arabo. Accountability and improved government compliance have meant that people feel safe when they try to help others. Many people are willing to give valid information regarding on ways to improve philanthropy in a particular area, and they have ensured that digital method as the best method to help a cause. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other methods of social media communication methods are used to ensure that philanthropy is on the rise.

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