Masonry Restoration Greenwood Village CO: Masonry Restoration Techniques for Your Historic Building

Modern masonry buildings don’t have the same features as the traditional masonry structure. We should learn to preserve and maintain our historic building.  It’s quite rare to see large all real stone buildings being built anymore. This might be because of the pricey nature of real stone as well the amount of labor involved in the buildup process.  Masonry restoration Greenwood Village CO doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of companies in Greenwood Village CO that can deliver outstanding service according to your budget.

If you have an old masonry building that needs a facelift, there are many steps to take to fix it. It’s hard to see traditional masonry buildings made of real stone and antique brick. If you are one of the lucky few in possession of such historical building, then you need experts in masonry restoration Greenwood Village Co to preserve it through maintenance service.

What’s Involved in the Restoration Process

If you are considering a DIY approach, there are steps to take. You need a soft acid wash and a pressure washer to give the surface a thorough clean. Only add the recommended quantity of acid to your solutions. Too much acidic content can cause damage to the stone. Remove dirt or any residue from the surface using a firm bristle brush. One of the best tools for this task is the pressure washer. If you’re skilled at operating and handling a pressure washer, then you should use it. Apply caution during application to avoid causing damage to the surface.

The next step is tuckpointing. This should be done on the entire surface. Don’t just focus on one part of the wall. Otherwise, you will see a big difference between both the patched area and the untouched part.  Grinding out the entire surface area ensure a quality job.

If you find any broken or missing masonry units while tuckpointing, do well to replace them. Don’t leave unit replacement for later so as not to undermine the quality of your job. Fixing it immediately ensure the mortar colors stay consistent with the surrounding mortar joints. You will know that a masonry unit needs replacement when it’s either cracked or broken. Don’t throw caution into the wind when working on caps of masonry walls. If not properly fixed, it will result in water damage, which eventually leads to deterioration. A broken cap will make your wall vulnerable to the elements.

While a DIY approach will save you additional expenses, hiring an expert in masonry restoration Greenwood Village CO offers a wide range of benefit. They have all the required tools, resources and manpower to deliver quality job. Save your time the stress and effort by hiring a professional in the business.

If you have a structure that needs masonry restoration Greenwood Village CO, don’t hesitate. Fix it immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage incurred and it will cost you a lot more in the future. Contact a professional already.

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