Picking Awesome Apparel for Your Restaurant’s Employees

The success of your restaurant depends on more than just making good food from raw ingredients, but also the presentation of your establishment. Clean and professional uniform apparel for your employees is a major part that ties in the ambiance of your restaurant and ultimately will add value to your establishment.

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Items to consider for your team:

  • Dress Shirts – It is recommended for waiters and other team members that are not hands-on to wear normal dress shirts. You may choose long or short sleeve varieties depending on the theme of your restaurant.
  • Aprons – Cooks and bus boys will need an apron for some extra protection. Aprons may come in many varieties of colors and patterns with some even being novelty aprons that may add flare to your team. Depending on your preferences, the wait staff may also use aprons.
  • Slip-free shoes – Those involved in the restaurant industry will understand this one. Since kitchen floors can get wet, it is important for the safety of the team o wear these types of shoes. Preferably, the line cooks should at least have them.
  • Double-breasted chef coats – To give the impression that you have high-class chefs, these types of coats are recommended. They have an elegant design that is well known and seen in many cooking shows.
  • Waiter Vests – To add a touch of class to your wait staff, high quality vests to match the rest of their outfits will be a god investment. A boring dress shirt just doesn’t seem right at a fancy restaurant.
  • Cocktail Dresses – For the female members of the team, elegant cocktail dresses will make them seem classier.

Buy quality clothing but don’t go too crazy.

Uniform apparel should be high-quality enough to be presentable for customers and co-workers while also durable enough to endure working in a restaurant. On the other hand, don’t blow your budget on the most expensive clothing packages as you will need to purchase bulk uniforms to have backups. The restaurant industry is prone to staining and other damage, so it would be a shame to toss out uniforms that you barely could afford in the first place. Apart from uniform, you can also arrange a time clock app for staff to track hours and help them calculate a fair estimate of their salary.

Order Extras and Multiple Sizes

In general, it is cheaper to order large bulk clothing items in one order than to make custom orders constantly. If you expect your business to have a high turnover rate or additional team members added constantly, you will want to be well-stocked with multiple sizes and an abundance of them. Since accidents may happen, be sure to order enough in your order to last for a very long time. The up-front price may be high, but you will save a lot in the long run.


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