Productivity Hacks For Your Content-Writing Business

As a content writer, you’re constantly producing new writing. You have to be creative about it, finding ways to write about things so that they feel new, all the while meeting your various clients’ needs. There’s something fun about it, sitting down at your laptop every day and working on content. After all, it’s your business, and you get to choose what clients you work with and how many hours you want to work in a week. You’ve grown over time, using social networks and designing your logo so that you can establish your brand. Things are good in your content-writing business–but sometimes, it can be hard to feel productive.

Maybe you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately, and you’re not sure why. Or maybe you have a deadline that’s making you so anxious that you can barely start writing. Whatever your reasons, here are some ways to stay productive when it feels nearly impossible.

1 Work exercise into your schedule

One of the best ways to start feeling inspired is by stepping away from your keyboard and hitting the ground running. In the literal sense, we mean. Exercise gets us away from our busy mental states, and especially if you’re a writer who’s prone to overthink things, you’ll benefit from pumping up your heart rate and forgetting about your business worries. Whether you need yoga to chill out or spin class at the gym, it’ll get your mind away from work–and suddenly, you’ll feel inspired again.

From 2015-2016, nearly four in ten US adults had a body mass index that classified them as obese. So in addition to concentrating better, you can also be healthier, which is especially important for someone who spends hours typing away at their desk.

2 Get off social media

Chances are, you’re on social media right now. Maybe you pick up your phone every few seconds–even when you’re in the middle of an assignment–or maybe you’ve got a tab open next to this one. Whatever it is, it’s likely you’re chasing Facebook or Instagram constantly. 80 percent of adults in the UK are on social media, and that’s only one country. Almost all of us are addicted, in large part because social media is designed to be.

That said, you can use strategies to get yourself off of social media. By simply putting your phone on airplane mode (or in a drawer if it’s too tempting), or using an Internet blocker like Anti-Social, you can force yourself away from these distractions. And remember, if you think you have an actual addiction to social media, speak with a professional or try one of these strategies to detox.

3 Design a schedule with days off

As a self-employed business leader, you can plan your schedule however you want. And if you’re getting lots of new clients, or have a big project underway, it can be easy to overwork yourself. Sometimes, all we need is a break. So if you want to have time to yourself to relax, but don’t want to lose track of your clients, design a schedule with days off. It doesn’t have to be the weekend–sometimes, a Wednesday off is enough to give you energy for the rest of the week.

On your days off, treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Whether it’s a day at the spa or going rock-climbing, you’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and inspired. There’s a reason why the wellness and spa industry is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 5.66 percent from 2017 to 2021, and that’s because it’s worth it to spend money and time on yourself.

4 Join a coworking office

Finally, think about surrounding yourself with other people who, like you, don’t have an office. There were 15.5 thousand coworking spaces worldwide in 2017, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a city or somewhere popular with digital nomads, there’s probably just one around the corner. If you can’t find one, consider creating one with other digital nomads by creating a group on Facebook or Meetup.

Even just getting out of the house and working at your local library or nearby cafe can make all the difference. Find a place that makes you more productive, and conduct your business from there. However comfortable it might be to work from bed, that isn’t going to help you work!

These are some of the best productivity hacks for your content-writing business. Are there any other strategies that have worked for you in the past?

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