Reasons to Use a GPS Truck Tracking System

The shipping and logistics industry is a very important and complicated industry.  Those that can act efficiently and keep good track of their trucks and goods can end up being very profitable.  Those that are not able to keep good track of their equipment could end up losing a lot of money.  To help keep trucks and products organized it would be beneficial to use a GPS truck tracking product and service.  These products and services can provide a trucking company with a range of services.

Real Time Information

One of the main advantages of using a GPS truck tracking system is that you will receive real time information about the truck.  The GPS system will be able to tell you where the truck is, when it is anticipated to reach its destination, and any hazards that could cause a delay.  Based on this information, you will be able to relay a more exact truck arrival.  This information can then be relayed on to the recipient of the truck delivery which will improve your customer service.

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Automated Record Keeping

Fleet managers of commercial trucks need to keep detailed records about the use of trucks.  When using a GPS system, the truck usage information will be automatically updated to the fleet management system.  This can provide better records of deliveries, estimated wear and tear on the truck, and provide notification of maintenance or truck repair needs.

Employee Safety

Another reason to consider getting a GPS is that it can lead to great employee safety.  A trucking GPS system will be able to provide the owner with a range of information on the driver’s habits.  This can include operating with too little sleep, not taking enough breaks, speeding, or driving erratically.  The owner will then be able to discuss these habits with the driver and implement policies that will require safer driving habits.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Another reason to use a GPS truck tracking system is that it can help you to reduce your insurance costs.  Insuring commercial trucks can be very expensive as you must pay for insurance to cover the truck, the driver, the products that you are shipping, and any liability associated with the truck. Installing a GPS tracking system can help reduce the risk of theft, misuse, and even protect against frivolous lawsuits. Because of these risk reductions, many insurance companies can offer lower rates to those that install the GPS systems.

In conclusion, a commercial truck is a very valuable asset. Those that manage a fleet of commercial trucks should consider installing and using a GPS tracking system.  These systems can provide a range of different benefits to the fleet manager and trucking company.

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