Removal Companies – What’s the Cost?

There are many factors that will ultimately dictate the cost of a removal company. If you only have a few possessions and not moving far then hiring a van and moving yourself might be the cheapest way to do it. Even a man with a van might be even more economical – Van hire is not as cheap as you might think. However, if you have a lot of items hiring a professional removal company is probably going to be the way forward. Here’s some of the main factors you can expect them to base their prices on. Andy Smith from Excalibur of Bristol says more and more people are on the move and their favourite search term seems to be “ house removals bristol


Doing your own packing will usually remove one cost out of the factor. Providing the packaging boxes and even helping to pack them up might sway some to give you a discount. This could save anywhere from around one hundred pounds to several hundred, depending on how much there is to pack away.


Most companies will assess the basic cost of removal by how many bedrooms and how big the house is. If you are not coming across as the “average”, this will up the price. This is one of the key factors with regards to pricing. If you are somewhat of a hoarder, then it might be a good idea to have a good run through things and offload some of it before getting a quote. How quickly it all needs to be completed is another factor. If you have a lot to move they will need a bigger crew to get the job done in double time: Remember, this usually needs be done in one day, so this will be a factor when it comes to the quote.


How far away you are moving will make a big difference. If you are not relocating locally it is a good idea to get quotes from companies in and around your new area as well as where you live now. If you are relocating to another country entirely, this is even more important.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong when moving to a new house. Make a point of finding out what insurance the removal company has and what it covers. Make sure it is adequate for your needs and if it is not, get a quote to ensure it is. What should you consider? Professional moving companies generally have insurance but there can be a limit on each item. Therefore, high value possessions are not always covered. If you have items of great value, make sure they are covered. In some cases, they will probably require specific and special packing – This is very important if you plan to do your own packing!


Even the best laid plans as they say! There are many things that can go wrong when selling and purchasing a new house. If there is a delay you cannot get into the property until later that day or even the next day for example, what will happen? Are they prepared to deal with this? Does the insurance cover these types of problems? What would the costs be?

Most professional removal companies will explain the quote they provide. Make sure you know what’s covered and don’t forget – Haggling’s always an option!

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