Our company SC PAJURCA METAL GROUP SRL was founded in 2011 with personal capital.

Our company is located in Romania, Oradea city on Micsandrelor street no. 36 and is on a total area of 24000 square meters own property which 7000 square meters concreted industrial railway with loading ramp and metallic hall of 400 square meters  and other hall`s for depositation and sorting of the materials.

Equipped with a Scale Drawbridge of 16 Tons and two electronic scales of 5 Tons, all the area is equipped with a high quality modern video surveillance and alarming sensors.

During the first year, we managed to win the confidence of the customers due to our seriousness and we introduced the information system of instant payments to individuals and companys, from 2014 to 2015, we were designated as the 3rd company in the Area of Recycling in Bihor and in 2016 we are 2nd, in 2017 we are the 1st!

We continue this performance and we want to grow with a trusted partner. Because that’s important: the communication,the seriousness and the professionalism. Pajurca Metal Group is constantly looking for new partners and collaborators, so in this way, we want to invite everybody interested in collaborating with our company to contact us via email for collaboration and/or investment. From 2 years we export every kilogram of Non-Ferrous to forgeing markets so we are familiar with market prices and conditions, we are open for anybody who see interest in buying or selling nonferrous, e-waste materials to or from us.

For Us its very important to protect the Environment. This article its about NonFerrous materials and eWaste`s ( WEEE ) but we manage to buy and sell other metals and scrap too.

Therefore, as part of our scrap metal business we make all efforts and undertake all initiatives to achieve full control
over our impact on the environment and to minimize the negative effects of that impact.

We offer purchase and sale of scrap with an assortment of non-ferrous metals such as:
* Copper
* Aluminum
* Zinc
* Tin
* Lead
* Brass
* Zamak
* Stainless Steel

Moreover, we also purchase and sale of e-wastes.

We have a professional yard, so that we are able to absorb significant quantities of goods.
With a well-trained crew, each delivery is properly sorted and cleaned, thus giving a guarantee of high quality goods
to our customers.

Besides, each received and outbound delivery is subjected to the study of the chemical composition.
For this purpose, we use high-end spectrometers , which guarantee precise results obtain chemical composition.
We provide our services, because we care about the environment! Take advantage of them, and together with us:

– You will gain a real impact on the state and protection of the environment; about the future of the next generations,
including your children, grandchildren and the ecosystem in which they lived;

– You will demonstrate eco-friendly attitude and show that you care about to land was clean, conducive to the cultivation of  plants, animal husbandry; will contribute to reduce the amount of trash; you organize the space around them, you get rid of the heaps of hazardous waste (we can pick up from your own transport) and by the way you earn money.

You can visit our website for more details and Photos.

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