Smoking Continues To Decline In America

Government statistics show only 15 percent of adults in the United States were smoking in 2015, and that was a two percent drop from the previous year. That was the largest decline in 20 years the National Center for Disease Control said. Even so, don’t throw away those smoking receptacles just yet.

Smoking has gone way out of favor, and in many places, it is not allowed indoors. Some states have even outlawed smoking outside in some parks. Still people are going to smoke outside, and they are going to need smoking receptacles.

Smoking has been declining gradually over the years, but usually just one percent or less per year, so the big drop in 2015 was surprising.

Part of the decline could be attributed to the emergence of e-cigarettes, or vaping. The use of  electronic cigarettes has increased dramatically in recent years, and it has been shown to be a valid way to stop smoking.

In the 1960s about 42 percent of adults in America smoked. It was then that the health consequences were beginning to be understood. Smoking remains the cause of 488,000 deaths per year, the CDC study said.

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According to the CDC, the United States is 70th out of 84 nations in the percentage of people who smoke. The tiny Pacific island nation of Kiribati has the most smokers at 52.2 percent. You will probably need more smoking receptacles there even indoors.  The CDC says the country with the fewest smokers is Iran, who reports 11.1 percent of its population smokes.

Also, according to the CDC, those numbers change when you ask about any type of tobacco use and not just cigarettes. In 2008, 26 percent of men and 21 percent of women in the United States said they had used tobacco in some form.

Tobacco was used heavily in the early days of America, as it was a plant native to North America. Most of it was used as chewing tobacco. In the 1880s the average adult consumed six pounds of tobacco, and 56 percent of that was chewing tobacco. Only about one percent was from manufactured cigarettes.

Technology advanced to make the manufacture of cigarettes easier and less expensive. That led to a boom in the use of this form of tobacco, and less used in other ways.  By the 1950s 80 percent of the tobacco use was in the form of cigarettes.

Tobacco use declined a bit in the 1950s when health information started coming out. 1964 Surgeon Generals report made the health risks for certain. At that time 52 percent of people were smokers. Tobacco use has steadily declined since then, but even at the current rate, smoking receptacles are still going to be needed.


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