Starting A Relationship: What To Expect After The First Date?

It’s a day after an amazing date and you find the other person really interesting. What should you do now? Should you send a text message, call straight or wait until the following day? Should you send a hundred roses, suggest another dinner, or book a wonderful cruise? What should be the best action to take? What should be anticipated?

Countless things can be done after the first date – be it a success or a failure. If it the first date turns into a mess, you can just arrange a new one unless you are not open enough and tends to be bothered by your last date. Even after visiting a counsellor like Colleen Hurll Counselling, do you still feel nervous in starting a relationship? Here are pieces of advice for you.

Really, in the past, the man is expected to make the follow-up call, as women are apprehensive about taking the first move with the fear of giving an impression that they are desperate or too eager.

However, in modern society it does not really matter who will make the first move. To continue that developed relationship, continuous communication is needed. A message or call after the date is typically anticipated from both parties.

Who Should Make the First Call?

For Comparatively Reserved Type of Person, waiting to hear from the other party for a day or two might be preferable. However, if the other person does not give a call or message within two days, you should already gather your courage and get in touch especially if you are starting to panic. You think the date goes well so why the other person does not contact you. A call is the best way to end the guessing-game and have a better understanding of the real situation.

Man – What Should You Expect?

Men are typically expected to make the first move after the date. If you are interested to that person and want to see her again, brace yourself, send her an email or call her. Let that lucky girl know that you enjoy the date or give herbig thanks for allotting her time for the date. If she seemed friendly and open, you may ask for another date.

However, there are times that the woman takes the first move. Once she sends an email or give a call first, be prepared with an answer. Make sure that you mean your answer and do not make it just to avoid hurting her like saying you enjoy the date if you really have not.

Woman – What Should You Expect?

There is a huge possibility to receive a call from that person so be prepared with an answer. Make sure to answer honestly.

However, if he seemed to be taking time and you do not want waiting for too long, you can send him an email or give him a call. There is nothing wrong about it. There is also a possibility that the guy have not yet gathered his courage to call you.

If you need more pieces of advice about starting a relationship or fixing a currently shattered one, seek for counsellors that offer expert services on individual counselling like Colleen Hurll to make things work out well.

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