Studying and practicing of mastering English

The day to day life people often meet new people and they can be friends and can share so many ideas while talking so speaking without any grammatical mistake is possible by English grammar tips for Bank Jobs. And also the proper English language is the foundation of language proficiency that helps in both writing and also in reading

Tips for making grammar easier

Here to make the language proficiency to be fluent and clear it can be followed by the ways on English grammar tips.

  • The first tip is by memorizing of three fundamental of rules that is by the first word of the sentence and also by proper noun and also honor titles along with its abbreviations
  • The word I and me are not be interchangeable  and the word I is said to be an subject of an sentence and also the word Me is said to be an object of an sentence
  • The words you and you are should be used carefully and the word you is said to be a possessive that  determine the attribute and the word you are not determine is said to be contraction
  • The words of their and they are and there should be used
  • The difference between the word must and have to
  • Always want to check for subject and verb agreement
  • Mixing up of active and passive voices
  • Context is everything for collective nouns
  • Using of complete sentence and not using of the fragement words
  • Learning of some simple question tag will helps in improving the grammar

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Key rules for improving Good english

  • The rule foundation of english language is said to be by using the active voice
  • Linking of idea with conjunction in which it is the easiest way to remember acronymic
  • Using of commas to connect two ideas as one and commas should be used between two words is said to be compulsory
  • Using of serial comma in a list of sentences
  • Using of semicolon or punctuation mark to join two ideas as one
  • Using of simple present tense in action
  • Using of present progressive tense for the current action and also all the progressive action are very easy to spot
  • Adding the ed to verb for the past tense for example the dogs stopped barking so in this example stopped is used by ed verb
  • Practice will make perfect along with perfect tenses

Thus the English grammar is said to be a foundation for both reading and writing .So the foundation should be clear otherwise the word cannot be understand easily so for proper English without grammatical error using of proper active voice or tense in action should be used correctly. And also not only that the practice daily of the tenses will also make the work very easy for improving a good and a standard level of English without having any kind of grammar mistake is possible by following the grammar tips.

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