The Internet: The Best Source of Wholesale Dental Supplies

To patients, it seems as if dental offices have infinite supplies of everything that’s ever needed. When it’s time to get a filling done, the dental assistant magically appears with a tray full of materials and that’s that. If something more extensive is done, such as the making of a mold, it doesn’t take long before a stonework version of that mold appears.

For the dentist or office manager, though, there is quite a bit that goes into keeping this supply steady. First, suppliers of materials need to be found. These can be old-fashioned supply houses, but more and more, dentists are turning to buying wholesale dental supplies over the internet. Online dental supply companies are dedicated to their niche and can cover all of the ongoing supply needs of the typical dentist’s office.

The second big consideration for a dental practice is the cost of the supplies. Even at wholesale, these supplies can add up to equal a surprising amount of overhead throughout the course of a week. All of those “easy” prophylaxis patients, for example, use a tub of polish, a container of giveaway floss, a giveaway toothbrush, and more – each. In a busy practice, that’s a lot of items!

In order to keep costs under control, it’s important to buy wholesale dental supplies from a company that doesn’t charge a huge markup for everything in the “medical supplies” category. The supplier must understand that things that dentists use are consumables and be willing to make its profit from repeat sales instead of massive price-padding. Suppliers with the right mindset are often found online.

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A good supplier also has a huge variety of items so that dentists don’t have to have to deal with a notebook full of companies in order to stay stocked. While it is still typical to have some divisions among what’s available, a fully-stocked supplier will cover its niche well. For example, one company may sell everything except for scheduled drugs and machinery like drill drivers. Another may sell only machines. This allows each to better cover the broad requirements of their inventory types.

What do Dentists Need to Open an Online Buyer’s Account?

This depends on where the practice chooses to buy its wholesale dental supplies. Modern sources of general supplies such as molding stone and filling material only need a credit card number and address – it’s much like buying online as an individual. These are typically the best places to deal with since there’s no real benefit to having to jump through any hoops.

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